Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thrifty Thrills: The Red Cabinet

I have waited for quite some time to introduce you to Mr. Red...
Yesterday's Wordless Wednesdays post was a tribute to the red, chipped, been-through-something little piece of amazing-ness that is Mr. Red.
Remember how I told you all about our visit to thrift malls in Columbus, GA?
If you don't, read more about it here.
Anyhoo, I mentioned in that post there were some thrift mall finds that I was so excited to share.  Well, one of those fab finds is Mr. Red.
Mom and I shopped an entire thrift mall and were just about to leave when I saw himHis doors were open displaying antique trinkets inside.  I assumed it wasn't for sale but, as I inspected further, I found a $40 price tag.
I squealed and jumped and called for my mom to meet him.  I mean, he was SO handsome!
I wish I had gotten a picture of the price tag.  Antique malls keep the price tag on items once they're sold and vendors label each item with a particular number and description because there is only 1 cashier station.  It's like going to your regular shopping mall with 1 cart, purchasing items from Macy's, Toys 'R' Us, Sears, Jared's and Coach and having to pay for ALL of your items at the information desk.
Those vendors have to organize and label their items in such a way that they KNOW what is sold from their inventory...  Organized chaos I tellya.
Anyhoo, the tag on Mr. Red said, "antique cabinet from 1969 World Drag Race Champion."
Those chips in the paint were REAL!  It actually hung in a garage?!  I love it even more!
I bought it - DUH!  Mom approved the purchase under one condition, I had to wheel it to the car where the husbands were sleeping while they waited on us.
CRAP.  The car.  The 10 hour ride home.  The other stuff we purchased.  The side-eyes.  EVERYONE was rolling their eyes at me.
OK. So, I could ship Mr. Red back home.  Wonder how much that would cost.  What's that, hubs? NO?! O OK.  In THAT case, we're going to make his handsome little red self fit.
And fit he did, lol.
We left on a Sunday.  Mom went to her cousin's early bird church service.  Dad dropped her off and, while she was loving on her family, the men decided to bully me into loading all the stuff we purchased into the car.  They carried it out and called for me when it was ready... IDK if you recall the stuff we got from The Front Porch of the South but there was a lot
Add to that the vintage typewriter, huge finial, purses, jewelry, large mirrored vase and Mr. Red... Shoot, even I was worried our new beauties wouldn't fit... BUT... I guess something about the disdainful faces of the men motivated me because, as they watched, I packed.  Like I planned it out, I packed.  Like I had packed this exact stuff before, I packed.  Like, shooooot, like a PROFESSIONAL THRIFTER, I packed.  It all fit perfectly and didn't disrupt the flow of our travelers.
Clearly, everyone was comfortable:
Just like on the way down:

I was giddy to get all of my finds in their respective places at home, including Mr. Red.  I rushed to unload the cabinet into the main level powder room.  Hubbs sat him on the floor and declared Mr. Red was far too heavy to EVER be mounted on the wall.
I knew better.  When Tammy and Langston came over for Munch's birthday, Langston needed to use the restroom and, so as to not be TOO awkward, I followed him in the bathroom with questions of my cabinet.  He looked doubtful that it would be mounted but said it might work...  Then politely asked me to get out so he could go.
O, yea.  That's why he came in there, lol.
I had big plans for Mr. Red. I wanted him to hang above the toilet and serve as an unexpected piece of fabulous in lieu of the typical potty cabinet:
It seemed like my plans would never come to fruition.  Mr. Red rested unhappily on the floor of the powder room from July 9th until December 21st.
Yep.  He finally found a home.  Were we able to mount him above the toilet?  Did I take Mom's advice and just set him atop a table?  Is he in my craft room so I can have him and his shelving all to myself?
I guess you'll have to come back tomorrow for the answer!

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