Friday, January 10, 2014

Affordable Window Covering

Before I introduce Mr. Red's location (read more here), I want to share another minor change that's had a major impact.


When we toured our home before making an offer, Hubbs and I loved the open windows.  One issue with townhomes is windows - unless you have an end unit, windows are limited to the front and back.

In the new home, there were tons of large windows (compared to our previous home).  Each window had these farmhouse grids and molding served as frames for the amazing views.  We said we would never get curtains - the natural light was just that amazing!
FFWD to move-in...
The owner purchased the home and flipped it for resale.  Before we could move forward with closing, the Home Owner's Association conducted an inspection of the property grounds and requested the window grids be removed or replaced (they were original to home and a few had become damaged).
To save on costs, the seller removed all of the window panes.
Suddenly, our fabulous windows seemed really large and cold and, without the grids, we were exposed.  Who would've thought the grids would provide more than a pretty appearance?  OMG! Now, without our grids, the neighbors would see us... all the time?!
Something must be done.  But what?!
Curtains? Blinds? Shades? Shutters?
I didn't want curtains that looked cheap or too short or too formal.  I didn't want to have to wash them (pee puppy has scarred me).
I didn't want mini blinds. 
I loved the look of shutters from the inside but when I saw one of my neighbor's homes down the street, I didn't care for the look of them from the outside (when they were shut).
I looked online and decided I wanted the clean look of blinds.  Wooden blinds.  WHITE 2" wooden blinds.
They're low maintenance, offer privacy without making the room dark and can easily be adjusted to the outside lighting.
My co-worker purchased a new-construction condo and showed me the receipt for his NextDay Blinds order... More than $3,000?! For a 2 bedroom condo?!
UH... Have I mentioned my 6 bedrooms and a gym?  Have I mentioned I thought the grids were enough window covering?  Who budgeted money for window coverings?  I could only imagine how much they'd cost.  I had NextDay Blinds give me an estimate based on the size of most of my home's windows - $187.00 per blind... BEFORE installation.
NO way.  Clearly that's NOT an option for us.
I headed to and searched CHEAP WOODEN BLINDS. popped up.
Hmm, buy 3 get one free.
Before I purchased, I remembered Sheena said she got her beautiful blinds for an awesome price. I reached out and she responded that is where she ordered her blinds.
After reviewing the site, I decided the best deal for me was the FAUX wood 2" blinds.  They offer the same appeal as the wood blinds, look just as expensive as the 2" wood blinds and saved me lots of cash :)
Once I knew what I wanted, I shared the news with Hubbs.  He was shocked at the expense of blinds and immediately appreciated the affordability of Select Blinds.  He was sold and, because they were offering a special at the time, we placed our order!  Would you believe we got 3 blinds + 1 free and an additional 30% off!  That's 4 blinds for whopping $112 after shipping expenses!!!
We decided to take our time with ordering and covered the windows in our most-used rooms.  Whenever there's an additional discount to their BOGO deals, we purchase.
The site was easy-to-use (they have step-by-step instructions for measuring), the delivery was quick and the installation was a breeze!  We love our blinds!!!!
 Each blind comes with a piece of crown molding for the top.  Unfortunately, however, our windows are too deep for the molding to attach but no worries. 
They're still awesome :)
If only we can make sure the kid STOPS opening the ones in her room!  If I wanted her room to be exposed 24/7, I wouldn't have purchased blinds!

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