Friday, January 31, 2014

Olivia's Winter ONEderland Party

I've mentioned my birthday twin, Olivia, on a number of occasions.  Today, we'll begin her birthday series.


You can tell from the photo above that MyHoney (that's what I call her) was tickled pink with her party.
By way of background, Sheena did not originally plan to host a party.  Shortly after having Olivia, Sheena informed me that a first birthday party just wasn't in the future.
About six months out, however, Sheena decided to have a simple cake and ice cream social to celebrate with close family and friends.  It would be a ONEderful event... The primary focus would be on a photo-op for the area behind Olivia's high chair, a fabulous cake (and smash cake) and simple decorations.
About a month into planning, however, Sheena's baby and her vision for the event grew.  Olivia was coming into her own - personality, voice, opinion and more.  Olivia had a blast at birthday parties with her little friends and she was far too active for us to not plan activities at the social... maybe a moon bounce at the house for little ones?  Possibly three games?  Wait, are we talking little ones?  Like party guests?  O, we need an outfit and favors and... well... party things.
I remember when Sheena contacted me with the news that our sweet little simple party had evolved into a real big girl party.  I just kept repeating that I wasn't ready.
I wasn't.
I get it.  DatMyHoney has friends. She plays... she laughs and giggles.  She loves to play echo and to climb and to slide...  she is a full-time ball of energy. 
While I was coming to terms with the fact that we were planning to celebrate DatMyHoney's first birthday, Sheena was focused.
She left no sparkle confetti stone unturned.  She found her inspiration photos and devised a plan to tweak them for her event.
I had my tasks.
3-dimensional Snowflakes.
Statement Wreath.
Cake Table Birthday Banner.
We'll talk some of the party deets (venue, attire, details, and more).
OMG! I can't wait to share the details of this party... It's going to be so sweet and fun!  Reminds me of a little someone I know :)
Come back soon!

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