Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 2: Coffee Filter Garland

Yesterday, we spoke about one easy and affordable use for coffee filters and, as you already know, this month we're celebrating the awesome finds at The Dollar Tree.  OMG!  Did you head over to check out my DIY project in Holl And Lane magazine yet?

If so, you may have noticed that, in addition to the lighted coffee filter pom we talked about yesterday, there was a garland hanging on the wall above the crib.

Today's Dollar Tree (DT) deal is a piece of crafty decor that costs $2 to make!

Coffee Filter Garland Tutorial

Supplies (all from DT)
- Scissors

- 1 pack of coffee filters
- 1 pack of Twine (sold 3/pack)


1.  Grab about 20 coffee filters and flatten them a little.  You can do this by fluffing against the cup shape.

2.  Unravel your twine with extra room for your desired length.  Note: do not cut until you have all of your coffee filters on the string.

3.  Use your scissors to poke a hole in the center of the coffee filters.

4.  String your coffee filters onto the twine.

5. Separate and crumble the coffee filters to create a ruffle effect.

6.  Hang using tape or an adhesive hook (sold in packs at the Dollar Tree also!!)

You may recognize this garland from the safari baby shower:

We didn't hang it... we just placed it on the mantle and, as you can see, it looks great either way!  I also love how it looks hanging.  Didn't it fit the area above the crib perfectly?

So many people pay $30 for these garlands on etsy and you can make them for only $2!!!

I loved the look of our garland so much that I created a 20-foot version for the vow renewal using 2 packs of filters and some string I had on hand.  It was an awesome piece of rustic decor.  Check it out:

Guests couldn't believe it was made of coffee filters and THAT'S what makes coffee filter crafts so incredible!  I could totally see this draped over a wedding arch or entrance! Oh, and  it's super easy to dye coffee filters. 

You can check out this tutorial here.  How cool would these look as mermaid or sea-themed decor?

You could space them out and create a cool photo backdrop:

Are you inspired yet?  I have one more coffee filter tutorial using DT supplies coming tomorrow!

Stay tuned!


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