Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pink Lemonade - The Venue.

One of the perks of us owning a single-family home is hosting events without the worry of a venue.
Shortly after we moved in, I started to map out the flow of Munch's birthday in our new home.

I was so excited.
That is, until Hubbs informed me a party in our home wouldn't be happening any time soon.
I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't understand it.  What the HECK is he thinking?  How else will I start set-up one week early?? I just could not frikkin' understand...
Then he explained he didn't want the mess of a party and the stress of a whole bunch of kids running around the house.  He didn't want the chaos.
Dude, it's June.
My brain can't handle a last minute change like this... But, fine. I promised I'd look into an alternate venue and walked away rolling my eyes.
First stop? My community's resources... Apparently, the new neighborhood has beaches.  That's right, beaches as in 3 beaches.  Don't get too excited, Tabitha.  Hold it.
I bet they cost a butt load of money so I got a plan - call, get the quote and scare Hubbs with the amount then move on with planning the party in our new house.
I called.  The friendly receptionist told me the beaches are private property of our community and there is no fee for pavilion rental.
I was shocked.  I admit that.  Hold it.  Don't get happy, Tabitha.  Free must mean they're not worth a fee - nothin' worse than a dirty, ugly little beach.
I told the kid we had to go check out one of the beaches and to my surprise...

It was gorgeous!!!
How perfect is this venue for a Sunshine and Lemonade party?!
Pity party over! This place is awesome!

Unfortunately, the beach photographed above wasn't available when I scheduled.  Instead, however, we got the medium-sized beach.  Don't worry, it was perfect for the rustic-meets-modern lemonade stand I was creating in my head.  Check it out:

With a venue, I was ready to move forward with the planning!

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