Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big Girl Room - The Ceiling.

I know the posts are all over the place this week, the party week, but bear with me.  I'm completing two tasks - crafting for the party and finishing Munch's big girl room.  

Why am I torturing myself?  

Not only because I said I would but there was added pressure when I received phone calls about items on the wish list for her Big Girl Room (more info here).  Let’s just say, the bean bag and desk are birthday gifts!  SUCH a blessing… Now, to get the space ready for the awesome birthday gifts on the way!

Remember my post about the Big Girl Room Armoire (here)? No?! Well, I went on a mini rant about the right shade of pink for the piece of furniture that will hold all of Munch’s toys.  O, what about my recent post about mom’s mom cave (here)?  Yea, count that as rant #2 about finding the right shade of pink.  I guess 2 posts about my struggle just wasn’t torture enough.  To further complicate my pink life, I decided the kid’s ceiling pink and furniture pink had to be the SAME pink.  The gripe still applied but, if you recall my inspiration pink armoire, you know this wasn’t going to be an easy search:

I went to Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams… I found several pinks I liked BUT they weren’t the pink.  I pulled up the inspiration board and one of the pictures always caught my eye:
It wasn’t the cute dog (although animal décor is totally in), it wasn’t the white book case (although that is what inspired me to purchased the storage piece under her t.v.)…It was the color pink in the background.  It was perfect.  I did some google-ing and clicking research to find the name of that perfectly pink color and I found it.  



Tati took me to our local Benjamin Moore (BM) store and, because it was closed, I had to find the time to venture back.  I was stalking this color online. 

I loved it.  I read reviews about it. I looked for it in different lights. 

I couldn’t WAIT to get back over to BM so I could buy the color. 
Munch and I went to the BM store.  I purchased a sample. 
Excitedly, I brought it home.  I slapped a little on the ceiling. I tried to remain calm as I skipped back into our room with Hubbs.  I guess he saw my bubbling joy because, with a side-eye, he agreed to see what I was up to.  


Aaaaaaahhhhhhh, progress.

It was perfect.  It is perfect. Islanders, I'm happy to report that I finished the ceiling yesterday. 

I'm learning to celebrate the in-process so I left the strokes of pink on the ceiling for a week...  Glancing up upon every entry/exit into her room...  Building my excitement motivated me to get her done.

IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING, because her walls are slanted, I DID use tape this time.  I had to carefully apply it so I got the perfect coverage.  I started in the nooks and worked my way out.  


It turned out amazing.

You can see the contrast in the above photo between the pink and the former ceiling color AND the pink and the wall color.

The paint was still drying after some touch-ups.

I wanted the pink to make a statement but not overly contrast our move-in tan.  I love how the ceiling makes the wall color look intentional.

I think I found the perfect pink... A grown-up yet girls-of-all-ages-twirl pink.  I'm going to use it for the armoire, the flower side table and I'll recommend it for friends who are looking for the perfect pink.

Yay for crossing tasks off the never-ending to-do list and cheers to a productive week!


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