Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thrifty Thrills: Fave Finds

I know, I know.  I promised all of these updates (big girl room and party plans) and I haven't delivered... yet.

If you've been an islander for some time now, you know that I haven't always posted this regularly.  We're at a point where I post everyday Monday - Friday; that's a MAJOR accomplishment for me :) I've gotten into a groove and I've scheduled posts a week in advance.

THE EXCUSE: I planned to do a majority of the party crafts and big girl room updates this past weekend.  Instead, however, I finished our school shopping.  I'll get on all of my tasks but I have plenty of other things to share...

Shall we??

I probably sound like a broken record always talking about thrifty décor.  I hope, however, these posts inspire you to check out your local thrift stores NOT only because you can get amazing things but because your shopping there benefits your community AND your pockets.
Here are some of my recent thrifty finds:
1. 2 vintage champagne bottle label prints - $2 each. 

These 2 prints started the color scheme for my kitchen.  I was drawn to them and I think they fit the wall near the fridge perfectly.

2. Bed Bath & Beyond framed print - $3. 

I love vintage posters... You know those 20's prints that are bright and fun but have a sense of mystery about them?  They have always been so cool to me... Anyhoo, this print (which had a price tag of 10 times the amount I paid) compliments two prints I ordered from etsy a few years ago.  It set the color scheme for the powder room.  O and I KNOW that I've announced my transition from reds to blues and neutrals a long time ago but I do still have a LOVE for the color red and I think this small room is the perfect place to have some fun with decor. 

In the above photo, you can see some of my finds from a recent trip to Goodwill.  I just LOVE them all!

3. Pineapple storage container - $.99.  The small wooden pineapple now stays in my kitchen on a small organizer and holds my wedding ring while I cook, clean and/or wash dishes.

4.  Turquoise drinking glasses - $.99/each.  I purchased 4 of these drinking glasses because I loved the color and shape.

5.  Purple potted plant - $2.99.

This plant was perfect for one of the guest rooms.  It sits in the window sill and adds a small pop of color.

6.  Antique jewelry box - $1.99

I spoke to its purpose in this post here.  It is my inspiration for the toy armoire in Munch's room.

6. Original Photography prints - $3.99/each

One is of Madison Square Garden:

 ... and the other is an aerial view of the San Francisco bridge:

Both are original works of art with detailed descriptions of the piece and the artist on the back.  I hung them above the toilet in the basement guest bath.

In addition to housewares, I also find some amazing purses at the thrift/antique shops.  Some of my recent pieces include:

1.  Vintage Coach satchel - $7.45 (Sundays are the Village Thrift store's half-off on designated colored tags)

It is perfect for on-the-go shopping.  It holds just the right amount of stuff AND is a great cognac color.

2.  Vintage medicine bag - $24.90

Purchased from Gina's Junk in Columbus, GA, this bag is OFFICIALLY one of my faves.  The aged leather and details of the bag make it a piece I will keep for years to come.  I love the structure and shape and I wear it with confidence because it's so unique :)

Hubbs used to hate my love of thrift shopping.  He is one of those run-to-the-store-and-find-it kind of people; he just couldn't understand why anyone would go to a place without knowing what they will find.

That is, until I brought this beauty home for a mere $6:

Yes that's the $100 Ikea mirror that stands more than 6' tall... We wanted it but I didn't want it bad enough to pay full price. I saw it leaning against the building of my local Goodwill and, priced at only $6, I could not pass it by.

I brought it home and Hubbs instantly became a thrifty believer!

Sometimes, I catch him in the spirit of thrifty living:

It's for the gym.  A punching bag... It's pretty big, right?!

Hubbs bought it off craigstlist for a steal!  He brought it home and, despite my advice to fill it with sand, he filled it with water... in the kitchen... when the gym is in the basement... I know... Not the brightest highlighter in the pack.  

Get this!  He had the nerve to be SHOCKED that it (the 500 lbs of water) wouldn't easily slide down to the gym.

At least he has on a shirt this time...

Grateful for his life after it almost crushed him TWICE, he slid the base into my dining room (where it sat overnight) until a friend could help him move it to the basement.

O and don't worry, the water is emptied now (after the gnat invasion in the basement a week after the STANDING water was left in the gym).

I am, however, happy Hubbs is thinking of thrifty ways to make his gym happen.  Doing so helps us apply our money to things that really matter - like shoes, Oreos and Doritos (the price of snacks is ridiculous nowadays!!!).

Have you been thrifting? 

Do you have any go-to spots?
Do share!  In case you can't tell, I love to thrift shop!

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