Monday, August 5, 2013

This Time Last Week...

I was there and it was a great show!  Well-rehearsed, non-stop girl power hits, a great vibe in the audience... Most importantly, however, I shared it with my dear friend, Deb.

After her bridal shower in March, her Vegas wedding in April, her reception in May and ALL of the prep in between, we fell off.

What better way to reconnect than to scream and sing  loudly while dancing around the Verizon center?

We got all dolled up:

...and we had a blast!  Beyoncé put on a great show! If you missed it, no need to worry!  You can try for tickets to the December show :)

Washington Post Image

Sometimes, to survive a Monday, you must envision yourself somewhere else.  Today, I'm at the Beyonce show again (pandora channel blaring and all).  

Where are YOU?


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