Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunshine & Lemonade - The Sweets Buffet.

Over the years, Munch's birthday cakes have become a focus of her birthday parties.  I spend a lot of time finding a design I love for her birthday cake.  This year was no exception.  I found 2 cakes I loved:

I gave Misty the color scheme and asked that she come up with a cake that was perfect for the theme.  The thing about fostering a great relationship with great vendors is that they learn your taste and, over time, can do the work with minimal supervision.
Misty and I have that kind of relationship.  She is an AMAZING baker.  Super talented and super sweet.  We have more than a client-vendor relationship; we're friends.
I love hugging her - what?! The chick smells like cake alllll the time.  She crafts and bakes and sews and is amazing.  Like, at her core.
If you want a good cake made by a good person, you must check her out and tell her I sent you.
Anyhoo, she is willing to go to the moon for me.  On her busiest of days, I know Misty will do anything for me.  Anything.
Munch and I arrived at 8:30 pick up the birthday cake.  I just LOVED it.
On my way out, I reminded her to send me the Paypal info for payment and she said, "what if I don't want you to do that?"
I stopped in my tracks and glared at her saying, "ok, cash then?  I'll go get cash."
"Listen, you're my favorite client and this is my gift to Zion. " *turns to Munch* "Z, you look beautiful today, sweetie.  Happy Birthday!"
Hugs.  Kisses. Squeals.
See?! Toldya, she's amazing.  O and so was the cake:
Misty put a lemonade stand on the cake!  She made a mini Munch and even put $.07 as the price.  I just love everything about it!
It was a great focal point on the dessert display.
Because the party was outside, I decided to keep the cupcakes and cake in my car until it was time to eat them.  This beach was awesome because there were NO bugs... but still... I just didn't want the ONE bug on the beach to land on my pretty desserts so I chose to play it safe.  Here's the layout:

Chef Joy made her yummy cake pops.  The pink were strawberry and the yellow were lemon.  They were a hit!
Chef Joy also made from-scratch pink lemonade cupcakes and they were amazing! 
One of the challenges of our venue was the fact that there were no walls.  I had pennant banners and signage that would NORMALLY be placed on walls.  In this case, I had to get creative.  I hung them on the front of tables - the food table had a triangle pennant banner, the lemonade stand got a banner, etc.  For the dessert buffet, I knew I wanted to hang 'Happy Birthday' somewhere.  I decided to use 2 of my tall jars to create an anchoring centerpiece:
I tied the 'Happy' banner around the jars and anchored the poms on top by tying a string around a lemon (inside the jar). 
It worked out perfectly!
I was able to create the illusion of wall space in an open park setting - woot!
Just before the birthday song, Ryan and I ran to my car, grabbed the desserts and placed them on the table.  A few quick pics:

... and it was time for the birthday song! Sure, we re-lit the candle *like* 3 times to make sure we got the pic but who's judging?  Not my sweet Islanders :)
Tati and I cut/served the cake.  The top tier was strawberry and the bottom was lemon. We wanted to be sure we cut both tiers so I moved the remaining chunk of the top to the side.  I didn't realize it would become Munch's piece of choice.
Tati said it was Munch's birthday so she could have whatever she wanted with no judgment.
*rolling my eyes*
See you tomorrow for more party fun!

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