Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunshine & Lemonade Update - Favors.

Where are we in this process?  O, that's right.  I told you how Munch wanted a Lemonade and Sunshine party.  

I mentioned last year that I feel she tries to challenge me by selecting party themes that aren't typical to party stores.

I can't just run to my local party store and buy a Baby Doll Bakery or a Sunshine & Lemonade party... Or any of her birthday themes, doggone it.  These themes always require mommy to work... And to think... And to - can I share something, Islanders?


Sometimes, when we start this process, I hear Munchface’s outlandish ideas and sit in awe of this creative little person of mine.

Her mind is ridiculous.  It pushes me to be better.

I admit that life has gotten in the way 'round these parts.  She and I spoke of her party in February and periodically since then but I haven't, by any measure, done my typical whirlwind of crafts and planning this year.

I had stuff goin' on.  Some, I've shared.  Some, I let get the best of me.

Hubbs reminded me the other day that,

"party planning is what you do.  What you do best.  You always go all in... Especially for our child.  By now, all of this would be done.  I'd see some evidence this party was happening. What's going on with you?  You better get it together!"

I'd like to say we ran to each other in slow motion with romantic music playing in the background... But, well.  We didn't.

I sat there torn between whether to stab him in the neck with my fork or kiss him for, in his own way, lighting the fire under me to get back in the game.

I rolled my eyes, put my plate in the sink and reminded him the trash needed to be put out... I headed upstairs and I pulled out what I had.  He came upstairs and saw me in a pile of junk (called my craft room) and smiled saying, "that's what I'm talkin' about..."

Don't worry.  Still no slow-motion running.  Just a nod and a grin.

That is part of the reason we have some party plannin' updates today.

Earlier last week, I decided to take Munch to Party City. I really want this party to be a reflection of her. I want her to make most of the decisions.  While browsing the aisles, she was more interested in the silly glasses and loads of candy... Until she saw the beach buckets.

"Mommy, this will be perfect for my party"

Sure, it was $10 and full of beach stuff and bright green and a whole lot of other tacky things that don’t match… But there WERE $1.49 versions that were yellow and they were cute and small and they, too, came with sand toys… They came in yellow and they will be perfect.  I will place little lemon-shaped lollipops in the bucket. 

These lemon cookies will be added to the bucket ($8/dozen from CrowsCustomCookies):

O and I ordered these custom soy chapsticks ($4/dozen from AmberGlowCreations).  They smell awesome and I got the great deal because the etsy shop was closing!

I think the favors will be cute and will cost less than $3.00/each.

I have other updates to share all thanks to the man and his version of a heart-to-heart.

Rolling my eyes.


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