Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Blog - Gratefulness.

O, Islanders...
How I love thee.  Let me count the ways!
1.  You accept me for who I am... Flaws and all :)
2. You let me sob at 99.99% of my kid's milestones
3. You understand that some posts might be about nothin'

Munch and cousin Kelly playing during a recent family visit.

4. You've opened your inbox, your cell phones and your browsers to visit the island

It's my blog button.  The code is in the right navigation bar!
While, yes, I know all of this because of the sweet comments you leave on my posts and responses you send to the subscription emails (have you subscribed yet?  GO! NOW! DO IT!), I also know this to be true mostly because of the increased page visits the island has gotten.

Comments are great but the numbers don't lie :)
Now, I know I promised to update you on the big girl room and party plans but I had to take a moment to stop and say thanks.
You might not know it but our island is doing well... It's thriving and I KNOW it's all because of you.  An example of one of our success stories is found in one post, the Made In Paris baby shower games (here).  That post alone received 5,000 views in July.
I didn't start this blog for attention, for money OR for others to see how well the Keese family is doing.  As a matter of fact, if you've followed for awhile, you know it hasn't been all hot glue and roses on the island... or in my life.  I lead a real life with real issues and some real stress.
I started this blog for me.  My first follower was my sweet mommy and I know my biggest fans are my friends.
... For always being there.
... For quoting my blog in our conversations.
... For encouraging me.
... For crying with me as we reflect on how much our Munchface has grown.
... For riding this crazy roller coaster called life with me.

... For embracing my family as yours and for sharing your family with me.
... For motivating me to do more.  I don't think I'd accomplish half as much around the house if I didn't have my friendly islanders holding me accountable.

If you're considering starting a blog, do it.  Don't start for money or for popularity or because you write well; do it for you.  The rewards are unprecedented, the support system is amazing and someone somewhere needs to hear what you have to say.

Don't wait.  Do it.

O and tell me when you do so I can become your biggest fan!

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