Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On Your Mark. Get Set. Wedding Season!

Coming to you LIVE from... no where cool enough to report, let's talk busy weekends, shallll we? 


If you follow me on twitter, not only are you a cool person (HA) but you saw the state of my car most of last week:



I was driving these wedding supplies for a bridal client whose wedding was this past weekend.

Friday. My shy bride served up something fabulous for her rehearsal! Hair, makeup, dress, shoes...Everything was on POINT. She's beautiful isn't she?

Saturday. Although the wedding was scheduled late in the afternoon, I was up and out of the house at 11AM to pick up the reception dress and, as is typical, to put out a few fires... No biggie, just an elevator ride up:

AND 1.5 hours later, with my package in hand, I rode back down:

We had a lot of set-up (did you see how my SUV was full??) and the bride had very high standards so Sheena and I  snuck her in for the reception space reveal:

You see the shoulders, she was all "aww...it's so pretty... It's prettier than I ever thought."
Yep, it's what we do.


Of course, the success was in the details:
Card Box!

Ribbon wand send off!

The view!

... and many more! I'll be sure to share the professional pics on our company's blog!  I'm just so glad Ericka and Robert had a stress-free day!

O... Wait.  Were we talking about my weekend? Well, that's about it. Sunday, I went to church to get Munch from Grandma and Pop-Pop, then it was off to the Nunnally family's house we went... HANGING out late (8PM is late for us, ok?!) with great friends makes waking up tired Monday morning totally worth it!

How was your weekend? What'd you do?


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  1. Those wands are the cutest idea ever! The birdcage for the cards was so pretty. I love the hint of purple throughout.


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