Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY Cupcake Toppers

Operation baby shower and birthday party are well underway!  Because these events are only a few weeks apart, I am looking for party elements and DIY projects that can serve double duty.

::Paper enters stage right:: 

Do you remember when I told you a $5 paper purchase saved a baby shower decor dilemma here?  If not, check that post for more quick and easy party paper ideas!

Today, it's all about DIY cupcake toppers.  I love how adorable toppers serve as a dose of unexpected cuteness and tie the decor together. I also, however, hate to pay the BIG prices for such small things (they're usually sold by the dozen and I need *like* 4 dozen and even the affordable print-your-own options require printing).  Well, I set out to make my very own last night. I mean, Who needs a fancy pants printer? I DO! Just... not for every-single-thing when I'm trying to make every-single-thing fabulous!  Check out what I came up with... 


1. Gather Supplies
- Paper (I chose a variety of prints and colors that coordinated with our themes)
- Hot glue/gun
- Wilton lollipop sticks ($2 at Walmart):

2. Hole punch 5 circles (I used a 2" punch):

3.  Fold your circles in half with the print inward:

4. Place a dot of glue on one side of your semi circle:

 5. Place another semi-circle on top and repeat this process, a "ball" should form:

6. For the last piece, dot one side with glue and smoosh (it's a very technical term) the 2 together to close the "ball."

7.  The reason we only dot the center is so you can gently pull the bottom apart with your fingers to insert your lollipop stick.  See:

8.  Place a glob (technically speaking, of course) of glue on a lollipop stick and place it inside the "ball" to finish your topper!

 9. I embellished my topper with 1 of these mini bows (purchased from Michael's - 60/$3?! LOVES!):

Finished product:

 Just stick these in your iced cupcakes and BOOM! You have a fabulous cupcake topper that was O-SO easy to make!  We're having a dessert display at God Baby's Ruffles and Bows baby shower, so I need more than one type of topper... I used 2 hole punches (different sizes) and some coordinating paper to make some other easy toppers:

O and I forgot to tell you when I took my 60% coupon to Michael's and snagged a Martha Stewart bow paper punch for like $4!  Sign up for their emails, they're always sending 40% and/or 60% coupons and I use them on the purchases that will give me my money back (like hole punches and craft tools).

Tip: to save on paper AND to ensure you get the RIGHT shade of your color... use those FREE paint swatches!  I got a stash of pinks from Walmart and used my ribbon punch to make mini bows but can you see the little circle cutout?

It made for the perfect CENTER dot in this topper:

Here's the topper with the paint swatch bow:

Free.99 are you out of your MIND?!

I even made some with gray/white paper for Munch's birthday...

 These would make easy but fabulous:
- Toppers for favor bags or boxes
- Card embellishments
- Glue them to yarn for a garland
- Water bottle embellishments
- Cake topper

It's amazing how many you can do with just 1 piece of paper! I've got a few other topper ideas so stay tuned... Although these events aren't until July and August, I'm going to keep the shower/party updates coming!  

Cheers to celebrating!


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  1. Love them! I always wondered how I could use those adorable paper punchers I always see at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I love how cute and simple they are. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.


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