Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TABulous Tuesday!

A girl must make time for herself! 

My life in the fast lane has taught me stressing to please everyone makes me a less-than-happy person.  With this blog, I've given some insight into my crazy self-imposed deadlines and issues... My house, my events, my kid, my crafts...  Today marks the beginning of the ALL ABOUT ME series!  Every now and then I will to just talk about... ME (as if my blog doesn't do that enough? I know, hush)!  Not because I'm that special but because life isn't all hot glue and roses (lol).  I need a place to store my random little thoughts and funny moments.  So here goes...

Mama Wants
- Funky Nails.  I love all of the below colors and I will get them this season... I'm just fighting the urge to start my addiction AGAIN pay buckets of dollars for the maintenance of my gel mani ($1440/year is too much). Hmm, maybe I'll journey to Dani's for a girls' night (she has the gel kit WITH A LIGHT and we always have a blast).

- Tiffany "love" bracelet.  It's so simple and girly... I just love it.

- Jeremy Scott flats.  I can't WAIT until they're released this Summer. The pink are MINE. I've seen some yellow and other colors online too... I'm SO excited about them. Aren't they ca-yute?
Hair Update

I've been changing up my boring (but quick and easy) bun for different styles lately.

I think this weekend, I'm going to try a twist version of this pretty braid hairstyle.  Isn't it some-kinda gorgeous?
Pulled from weddingbee
Get 'Er Done GOAL for the week

Clean out my side of the closet (and donate the giveaways).  It's time to bring up the Spring/Summer clothes!


It's good to do a check-in with yourself... So, I'll ask you! How are you doing? What are your Get 'Er Done goals for the week?

Feel free to share in the comment section!

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  1. Ok, so you knowwwwww I had to leave some love on THIS one! Yes, I am obsessed with my nails...so much that I paid for the gel kit at home. WHY would I pay $30 a pop for someone to do a gel manicure when I can just pay $60 upfront and own the whole kit and do it myself for free?!?! I DREAM big when it comes to the nails! Don't worry! A full review and how to do them and the finished product will be posted on my site for you crazy nail lovers...at least I know I'm NOT alone on this journey! lol


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