Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TABulous Tuesday!

A girl must make time for herself! 

My life in the fast lane has taught me stressing to please everyone makes me a less-than-happy person.  With this blog, I've given some insight into my crazy self-imposed deadlines and issues... My house, my events, my kid, my crafts...  Today marks the beginning of the ALL ABOUT ME series!  Every now and then I will to just talk about... ME (as if my blog doesn't do that enough? I know, hush)!  Not because I'm that special but because life isn't all hot glue and roses (lol).  I need a place to store my random little thoughts and funny moments.  So here goes...

Mama Wants
- Funky Nails.  I love all of the below colors and I will get them this season... I'm just fighting the urge to start my addiction AGAIN pay buckets of dollars for the maintenance of my gel mani ($1440/year is too much). Hmm, maybe I'll journey to Dani's for a girls' night (she has the gel kit WITH A LIGHT and we always have a blast).

- Tiffany "love" bracelet.  It's so simple and girly... I just love it.

- Jeremy Scott flats.  I can't WAIT until they're released this Summer. The pink are MINE. I've seen some yellow and other colors online too... I'm SO excited about them. Aren't they ca-yute?
Hair Update

I've been changing up my boring (but quick and easy) bun for different styles lately.

I think this weekend, I'm going to try a twist version of this pretty braid hairstyle.  Isn't it some-kinda gorgeous?
Pulled from weddingbee
Get 'Er Done GOAL for the week

Clean out my side of the closet (and donate the giveaways).  It's time to bring up the Spring/Summer clothes!


It's good to do a check-in with yourself... So, I'll ask you! How are you doing? What are your Get 'Er Done goals for the week?

Feel free to share in the comment section!


  1. Ok, so you knowwwwww I had to leave some love on THIS one! Yes, I am obsessed with my nails...so much that I paid for the gel kit at home. WHY would I pay $30 a pop for someone to do a gel manicure when I can just pay $60 upfront and own the whole kit and do it myself for free?!?! I DREAM big when it comes to the nails! Don't worry! A full review and how to do them and the finished product will be posted on my site for you crazy nail lovers...at least I know I'm NOT alone on this journey! lol


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