Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cookies & Dirt: Planting with Munchface

"Mommy are we going to make something for my class?... NO?! BUT it's a holiday on Sunday; EARTH DAY IS SUNDAY, Mommy!"

I didn't know Earth day was last Sunday, April 22, 2012.  Honestly, once I got out of Elementary school, I didn't keep up with when Earth day was... So, no, kid. We won't be making something for your classmates.  Not that I don't believe the awareness the holiday brings is benficial just... I don't have it on my mental calendar of holidays to "celebrate."

BUT now it all makes sense!  That's why she stops at the seed packets in every store begging to plant something... That's why she's started a rock collection (which consists of bringing rocks home in her pockets)... and THAT's why she has been nagging me several times a day to please plant something... OK, I got it.

FINALLY, after 2 weeks of her asking, I decided to run to Home Depot during my lunch break and pick out some hearty kill-proof plants.  Yes, I said kill-proof.  I know my limitations and plants freak me out!  Cut flowers are expected to die but plants can live forever, ya know?


Planting.  OK.  HERE GOES NOTHING...

I purchased:

- A self-watering planter.  It's designed so I only have to fill a slightly larger planter with water then place the smaller planter in it.  Apparently, the smaller one will absorb enough water to keep the plants alive without the worry of drowning the plant (which I've done).
- Some succulents and a cactus.  They're tough low-maintenance plants that don't require me to *like* sing to them everyday or something...
- Dirt. Yea, I KNOW. Why must I buy dirt when it's all over the outdoors? BUT you do.  So, I did (and it's special cactus dirt too. SEE, I'm trying). 

We went on the balcony and Munch was so excited that Pee Puppy could sense it and needed to be close to whatever was going on (as you can CLEARLY see above).

 I cut a water bottle in half and Munch used it to scoop the dirt (into the wrong pot at first but we fixed it).  We removed our plants from their temporary pots, broke up the roots (like I saw done on The Nester's site) and, as long as we didn't break OFF the roots (which I'm not so sure we didn't), I think they'll be fine.
Munch positioned the plants around the planter and VOILA! We're done.

O but the rocks will help hold the plants in place (and removing the rock collection from my entry table is great). We added those too:

 She announced we might need to paint our rocks and, after they dry, "redecorate" the planter... For now, however, we're done.

Wait.  Her Easter Barbie came with a cute little rabbit and, before I could toss him in the small toy bin, Munch said the planter is "supposed" to be its home... So, Mr. Rabbit stands guard over our plants and we hope he does his job because, if not, they might die.

 Did you do anything for Earth day?  Can you offer any tips for our poor plant?

 I promised Munch that if she can keep these alive, we'll get a larger planter for the balcony and plant tomatoes or something.  Though, I never claimed to have a green thumb; wish us luck!

Here's to trying something new!

... even when you're not so sure about it! 


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