Friday, April 27, 2012

Will Work for Free!

Happy frugal Friday, islanders!  Did you know today is Baskin Robbins' .31 cents/scoop day? It's not FREE but it's so darn close you MUST celebrate!

I love FREE.

How many things do YOU know work well and work for free?  The list is short which makes this post (and future posts like it) that much more valuable...

I am going to put several FREE printables to WORK for Munch's birthday party and the list starts today. I'll show you what I plan to do with each.  Maybe my doing so will help your pockets or give you some inspiration to think outside the box when you see free printables in the future!


I just printed a darling monogram for Munch's party (and her bedroom collage maybe) using this free template.  You can select the colors and the letter.  I may spray mount it to foam core board and use it in the middle of a cute welcome wreath for the party.  Isn't it adorable? 
I also created one for God baby's shower because I plan to use framed art as shower decor and then to re-use it in her nursery.  Don't worry, I made sure it matched the decor for both.
I have searched high and low for CHEVRON paper. I am amazed at how something SO popular is also so rare - Grrr!  You can imagine how excited I was when I found these free printable pages in a variety of colors:

O, I will put these TO WORK!  Tags, paper bows, paper punches and even a bunting are definitely in store!

Speaking of bunting, I found a free template for perfect bunting triangles and I love it! You can bet this template will be used!

I love this birthday printable from iHeartNaptime.  Wouldn't it be cute by the desserts?  I'm unsure if I'll use it because I really want to stick to the gray, pink and white color palette BUT it might be too cute to resist!
Can you see it framed in the background? I love it.

I told you the little guests will decorate their own 'play' baked goods and make jewelry for their dolls. When they dry, we'll put them in little bakery boxes with ribbon and custom favor tags BUT how cute would these labels be on the back of the boxes for us to know whose box is whose? I love them:
I like the chef hat, the oven and the pie for Munch's party...


Be sure to click the hyperlinked words in this post and check out the other FREE printables each of these sites offer. O and don't worry, I'll pass on other FREE printables every now and then!  Matter of fact, did you see Monday's freebie

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Happy Frugal Friday!


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