Wednesday, April 18, 2012

faBOWlous: Spike Bow Tutorial

This is one of the easiest bow tutorials ever! I'll get right to it because I know you're excited :)

Spike Bow Tutorial

1. Gather Supplies

- Ribbon of choice (I grabbed a chunky ribbon to minimize the amount of strips)
- Scissors
- Lighter (or clear nail polish) to seal your ribbon ends (prevents fraying and extends the life of your bow)
- Hot glue gun

2. Cut 4 ribbon strips, each 5" in length.  Cut the ends at angle.

3. Take 1 strip and create a dimple in the center like so:

4. Repeat with the remaining strips.  Just "stack" them next to each other... This may require some fluffing to get the right "center" in all of the strips
Note: you could stop after 2 strips if this will be a bottom layer to a "stacked" bow.

5. With all 4 strips in your hand, tie the center with your craft floss (or thread).  You're almost done!

6. Cut another strip of ribbon to cover your center. I like the fullness of the image above and would've used a thin ribbon to simply loop and glue around the floss BUT I was too lazy to go digging for a coordinating color so... I cut a piece of the ribbon, tied it into a knot and looped it around the center (with the knot on top):

7.  Heat-seal the ends and hot glue it to either a clippie or a headband.

Wasn't that PAINLESS?  Think of the color combos!  These variations are the same concept just cut a little shorter or using different colors.  

Cut your ribbon 3-3.5" long and stack them for this look.

Smaller ribbon = more strips!

I use this method to create something quick and easy for Munch's holiday bows! O and don't worry, we'll use this concept to build more advanced bows soon so stay tuned!


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