Monday, April 16, 2012

Mama-Made Monday: Cute & Curly Cupcake Bow

Do you see my FIRST little cupcake bow above? Isn't she darling? Well, now that you have completed the Korker Bow 101 course (haha), WELCOME to Korker Bow 201.  It's a little faster paced but the primary difference between the 2 classes is the creativity prerequisite, lol.  It will take more than some clothespins and an oven to make this one happen!  I'll discuss some of the possibilities for this adorable cupcake bow a little later in the post, FOR NOW, I'm just going to give you the how-to... 


1. Gather supplies
- Cupcake base (Any of the following will work: cardstock, poster board, thin cardboard like found in the back of construction paper)
- Korked Ribbon (depending on size, 1 dowel will be plenty)
- Ribbon for base (uncurled? If that's a word)
- Optional: beads for "sprinkles"
- Optional: bead or "puff" for cherry topper

2. Cut your base material.  I typically cut a 1" bottom with a 1.5" top then cut the sides at an angle. I decided to make this cupcake a little larger so 2" bottom with a 2.5" top it was... We'll get to why in a bit!

3. Cover your cupcake base with the uncurled ribbon.  Note: try to wrap it at an angle so it looks like a cupcake base (you know the cupcake wrapper pleats? THINK ABOUT THE PLEATS, lol).

I lifted the ribbon to show how it's OK to have imperfect angles... just use your ribbon to get clean edges.

Back of the cupcake "wrapper"
Estimate how long the ribbon should be for 1 row along the wide part of your cupcake base. 
I put a line of glue along the wide part of the base

If you cut it a little too long (like me),
NO WORRIES, just tuck and glue for the second row, like so
5. Take another curly and create an arch for the top of the icing.  Keep in mind how much icing you want for your cupcake (I can never get enough). Then cut and glue.
NOTE: All of your glue and ribbon ends should fall on the BACK of your "base" for a clean finished product!

6. Fill the space between your "arch" and the curly row with curlies.  Do not be afraid to glue your ribbon together, it will help to keep its shape and preserve your design (yes, I said DESIGN for a glue-n-go project).  This is pretty easy with the small clip-sized cupcake but I found this to be MORE important with the larger one.

7.  Once "icing" the cupcake is done, cut and glue a few individual loops:
8.  Use these loops (I used 3) to fill the gaps:

Can you see my little loop on the top there?

9. Embellish with "sprinkles!"  I even added a little ribbon around the base for another color and... Well, curlies and squiggles (it's a word), it doesn't get any cuter!

10.  Glue a "cherry" on top.  For the mini version, I cut a small piece of a dark ribbon (the side where it's sealed), held it close to a candle's flame and it sealed and curled to -VOILA- create a CHERRY STEM!  I dabbed the end with glue and attached it to a mini red pom-pom (purchased at Michael's).  I didn't add sprinkles to the smaller cupcake because the cherry (with its stem) was the HIGHLIGHT for me:)

For the larger cupcake, I used 1 of my poms from the bag of a gazillion I bought from the Dollar Tree to use it as a fun topper (it brought in more yellow):

11.  After your topper is glued, cut a small piece of the base material the same size as the cupcake icing.  This will help the icing keep it's shape.  

From here, the possibilities are CRAZY endless:

- Glue it directly to a clippie for an adorable bow
- Glue a piece of felt to the base and attach it to a headband (with an under piece of felt to reinforce)
- Glue it to the front of a card
- Frame it for a build-your-own cupcake buffet
- Glue it to a pin for tops or bags
- Place it on the front of a party hat

SERIOUSLY? I am excited just thinking about all I can do with my little cupcake! I think this one will either be placed in a frame at Munch's birthday (or on her chef hat) and then re-used in her soon-to-be pink and blue BIG GIRL ROOM!

Yep, you will DEF be seeing this cupcake again! 

Happy MAMA-MADE Monday!


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  1. I can't get over how cute and yummy this looks. So creative.

  2. These are so cute! Thanks for linking up over at The Winthrop Chronicles!

  3. Love it! I'm story it took me so long to get over to comment. My computer crashed. I wanted to let you know that this will be featured tomorrow at Whimsy Wednesdays! I loved it and so did everybody else.


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