Thursday, April 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday

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Lately, I've had several people (who I never knew read my blog) contact me expressing how they really enjoy frequent visits to the island.  While it is weird to get feedback when I'm just talking to my imaginary friendsVERY exciting, I can't help but feel the need to refresh the content on the island... Ya know, lift up the sofa cushions and find a $5 bill (WHICH happened to me last week - made my LIFE)...  We'll still have our DIYs, recipes, crafts and stuff BUT I'm going to sprinkle in some LIFE too.  
I also hope you guys comment and tell me more about YOU! 

Now, back to my original announcement:

It's Throwback Thursday!

Yep.  It's Munch in all her beautiful, dimple-faced, bald glory... Happy and smiling... She was 9 months in that pic and YES, she had all those doggone teeth in her mouth!  Can I just tell you, her Dental check-up (in February) went something like this:

Dentist: Mrs. Keese, how many adult teeth does Zion have?

Me(in my know-it-all mom voice): 1.

Dentist: NOPE! *walks X-rays over* She has 5 adult teeth. 4 molars and, judging by the development, she's had them for about 2 years.

YEAH, YOU HEARD IT. That would be a 3 year old with molars.  MY LIFE.  O and apparently she is a 1 in 1,000 case.  Little weirdo

She was such a big girl about getting her grown-up teeth sealed and I truly believe it's because she's had that SAME happy-go-lucky attitude all her little life.  She also knows when she's stumped me and brings up these molars far too often:

"Daddy, can you WATCH me to make sure I brush my MOLARS real good?" - Munch

"MOMMY, my MOLAR just bit my cheek!" - Munch

Again, my life.

I haven't seen this picture in FOREVER... Today, I think I'll just let it serve as a cute reminder to smile until it hurts and laugh until I pee a little uncontrollably as often as possible.

Happy THROWBACK Thursday :)


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