Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gallery Wall - Reinforcements.

Islanders, I've talked about my boo, Sheena, often.  She's my life's reality check.  For so many people, I serve as a sounding board, I listen to and absorb their issues and, most times, I try to fix their problems...  I have a very short list of people who I call if I have a problem.  Sheena is one of those people.

In the case of my family room, I told Sheena I had big plans.  Some that require major work and measurements... We didn't discuss details UNTIL she called me at work to talk about her plans for her place.

Without knowing it, we were planning to do similar gallery walls in our family rooms.


Clarification: I was planning.  Sheena had already planned, purchased her supplies and was awaiting the arrival of her photos; she was doing.
The difference? I over-thought it, got overwhelmed, did some research and became over it.  The time, money and, did I mention, time and money?!
UNTIL SHEENA...  She told me about a buy-one-get-one sale at Michael's.  We discussed my plans and, together, we finalized the number of frames I would need AND, to make sure I was serious, Sheena purchased my frames (I reimbursed her but still...).  DID YOU HEAR THAT?

My gallery wall was well on its way!

That weekend, I had two very special visitors, Sheena and Baby O (my birthdate gift, remember?).  These two ladies came to help kick start the family room gallery wall.

I've been drawn to large walls of fabulous photos since we lived in the town house.  I love Shelly's:

Isn't it drool-worthy?  I really love how the outfits they wore compliment the room's décor.  I also love how some frames are hanging and others are propped on the ledge.

While I will use this for inspiration in another area of our home, Sheena and I refined my vision and we decided to do something similar to this:

The wall I chose is large... Like, really large:

Sheena and I bounced ideas off of each other for a few days.  I was nervous.  Something about making decisions in the new place makes me sick.  I'm not trying to live up to anyone else's expectations... I just want it to be the right decision... One that I will love for a long time.

Luckily, we finalized the gallery wall idea and Sheena arrived a few days later ready to help make it happen.  She's like my life manager, lol.  Just look at her face of determination, she meant business:

Talia's tutorial (here) was the EASIEST to follow; thanks to Sheena for finding it!  The basic process was to use a leveler for hanging and spacing.  How clever, right?!  Basically, if you hang the first picture and it's level, you just place the leveler above/beside/below to hang the next picture and voila! Perfect spacing for the gallery wall.  Here I was calculating and measuring... Stressing and had all-but talked myself out of doing anything.  I was nervous.  Sheena wasn't.  She climbed up on the step ladder and hung the first pic:

The walls didn't cave in.  I didn't pass out and it looked amazing!!!!

EEEEeeEEEEEeeeEee!!! Perfection!

After an hour (we spent more time applying the Command strips than actually hanging the frames), we were done!

I wanted to be done with the project OF COURSE so I could enjoy the juicy baby yumminess that is my Baby O.  I mean, look at those blurry little juicy thighs:

Unfortunately, however, her mini mama, Munch, had other plans.  Once she was out of the carseat, Baby O was Munch's baby. 

Munch sang to her:


Told her stories:

Made up silly words:

O and rocked her sleep:

Yes, she thinks she's the baby whisperer.  She pulled out all of her baby supplies to ensure Baby O was well taken care of.
I thought it was cute for all of 5 seconds ESPECIALLY since it was a problem for ME to hold her.


My gallery wall was done.  Sheena and Baby O left and I sat on the sofa enjoying the view:

Sure, there aren't any pictures in the frames yet.

Sure, I don't have curtains in the room yet.

I was excited and wanted to adjust a frame I thought was crooked so it fell and I couldn't get the Command strips to adhere to the wall again so the pic doesn't have all of the frames but... you see it right?

I may have to rehang them all once the pics arrive but can you see what I see?


It's one step closer to being done.

...and loving the process is half the fun! 

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