Thursday, July 18, 2013

Turning 7 - The Plan.

I usually schedule a post of this nature for February.  You know, 6 months out from Munchface's birthday.  You may recall, however, that these past few months have been crazy... like loony-bin-happy-pill certified type of crazy.

Don't think Munch and I didn't have our meeting.  We did.  Don't think she didn't have a plan.  She did.  We sat down, as we always do, the day after Valentine's Day.  I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday party and, shockingly, she already had a plan:

"Mommy, I was thinking of a lemonade party... With us playing outside.  Like, tag and water balloons?  Yea, like that.  I could set-up my lemonade stand and me and my friends could sell it to grown-ups.  We could have alllll *arms flying* the lemonade types and games.  Maybe I can wear my bathin' suit and you and daddy can have on pink and my Pop-Pop can wear yellow."

Yep.  The kid had a plan down to what we were wearing.  I mean, her event plans just seem to get more advanced each year.

So... I set to brainstorming...

Theme:  Sunshine and Lemonade.  A summertime party with all the summertime fun a kid can stand!

Colors: Pink, yellow and white

Décor:  A lemonade stand for the kids to sell at the entrance, a lemonade stand favor table, entry wreath and signs, kids' table with coloring station and cans re-purposed for supply holders

Games/activities: coloring contest, water bomb tag, o-LEM-pics (relays with stations for prizes) and the lemon squeeze (Munch's annual birthday dance contest)

Food: picnic menu, lemonade station (with multiple types) and a simple dessert display (cupcakes, cake, cake pops and cookies).

Other elements:  Goodies display of favors.  Each guest will leave with a clear plastic pitcher filled with their summertime goodies (jump ropes, lemons, bubbles, bubble gum, sunglasses, candy, etc.)

Challenges:  Hubbs doesn't think it should be at the new house.  He doesn't want the mess of a bunch of kids.  I am debating on hosting the party at one of our neighborhood's beaches but IDK.  We'll see.
Does it all sound crazy?  I hope not.  Here's the inspiration board:

Sure, I've got gifts planned out... I'll share more on that topic tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more deets as I pull this thing together!


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