Monday, July 29, 2013

Model Home Sale - The Finds.

I'm a thrifty person.  Not because I necessarily feel like I have to be but more because I truly enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  I also prefer not to have a ready-made house.  You know, ready-made as in everything you see inside is purchased from a major chain furniture store and anyone can have it for *insert price here.*
Our new home will be beauty-full... Full of the things we love... Things that aren't easily found in package deals at the neighborhood furniture store... I'm on a mission to make this house a home we love.

I've been on the hunt for unique décor and the perfect pieces to complete the house.  Some of that comes from stores like HomeGoods, Ross, TJMaxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Pottery Barn, Joss and Main, and many others... Some of them come from my favorite thrift and antique stores and some have came from Model Home Sales.

Yes, I said Model Home Sales.

From my understanding, model homes are only necessary when properties are still for sale in a particular neighborhood.  Once the last lot sells, the builder opens the model home property's doors to the public for a model home sale where amazing designer goods are sold for a fraction of the cost.

Expensive sofas, bed frames, free mattresses, pillows, pictures, plates and more... ALL for a discounted price.

I've been to one or two in my lifetime and was shocked at the quality and prices in the past:

I have a friend who is an employee of a local builder and she keeps me informed of the model home sales.  Recently, I accompanied her to one and got some amazing deals on some really great things!

Kitchen Counter Décor
This is from Target and I got all three for $12!  The smallest vase was originally priced at close to $20!

Artwork, Placemats, Napkins and Napkin Rings

Taken before the centerpiece and additional décor.

Large Mirror for the Dining Room

Yes, I know.  The mirror is backwards... It's gorgeous!  I got it for only $60!!  I love it! I'll share the fab mirror in tomorrow's post when I talk about the new paint in the dining room!

I was just so excited with my finds at the latest Model Home Sale that I wanted to share.  I also became addicted to the prices and wanted a means to shop these low model home pieces more often.  After a quick Google search, I stumbled upon a place in MD that sells model home supply furniture for cheap *like* all the time.  The Model Home Clearance Center looks awesome.  Check out the website (here) for more information.

I'm going to check this place out and let you guys know how it is.
Cheers to a frugal yet fabulous week!

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