Monday, July 1, 2013

Monogram Wreath Tutorial

It's Mama-Made Monday!!!
In celebration, I'm sharing the tutorial for making the boa monogram "wreath" as promised.
- Wooden Letter
- Hot glue/ glue gun
- Boa
- Scissors
- Wide Ribbon
- OPTIONAL: Scrap book letter stickers
I purchased the largest block letter sold at Michael's.  When making a monogram wreath, you want to use the letter of the last name. 
1. Lay your boa over the letter to determine the best placement.  My boa (purchased from eBay) was ombre so I wanted to ensure the colors were displayed.
2.  Knowing your boa placement, glue it onto the wooden letter.  It's easiest to glue to the center of the letter. 
3.  Cover the letter so no wood is visible.  I dabbed glue to the back of some feathers.
4.  Trim the boa feathers to ensure the shape of the letter is clearly visible.  My -m looked like an -h until I cut down the feathers in the top center(thanks, Sheena, for pointing that out, boo!).
5. Glue a loop at the top of your wooden letter.  It will look similar to this:
6.  Cut 12" of ribbon.  Tie a bow around the center of the loop. Cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle.
I call this the loop-then-bow technique. It allows the bow to hang perfectly without interfering with the function of the ribbon (which is securely hanging the wooden letter).
I used leftover scrap book stickers to add the Bride-to-Be's new last name on the letter.  It was a sweet detail:
VOILA! You have a boa monogram (and a happy bride)! Take it from me, if you're planning an event, people ALWAYS love personalization... Things like this monogram wreath bring smiles... especially from brides.  They love seeing their NEW last name, lol:
I hung it above the buffet table but this is the new trend for front doors also.  Check out the eye candy I found on the Internet:
Remember my floral letter from the Southern Charm Bridal Shower hosted a few years ago?
All of my supplies came from the Dollar Store! Check out that easy tutorial here.
Are you inspired to try a monogram wreath of your own?  If you do, be sure to share yours!
O and if you haven't checked out the wreath tutorials here on the island, feel free to click around!
Coffee Filter Wreath (tutorial here)
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I hope you get inspired.  Then, I hope you get to it!

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