Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 10 - Quick Refresh Ideas

On Tuesday, I promised a post about affordable and quick updates for the home.  I scheduled this for yesterday, Thursday October 10... For some reason, I didn't save it so it never posted and...well, here we are.
In the new house, I don't want to abuse color by splashing different colors in every room.  Instead, however, I have painted an accent wall in our master bedroom:
A pink ceiling in Munch's room:
and I've got plans to paint a few other accent walls...
Paint is an affordable way to change anything in the home - furniture, walls, picture frames.  Spray paint, wall paint, craft paint... It's allllll good!
Move What You've Got
Sometimes I will stare at a wall and think a particular photo would be perfect somewhere else; I move it!  Most times it works and instantly gives me the feeling of change I crave without the expense of a redesign.
Pillows can add a pop of color to a space without a serious commitment.  Want to incorporate red or orange?  Rather than paint a wall, start with a pillow.  If you love how the color works, expand it into curtains, rugs, etc.
Thrifty Pieces
You know I'm a firm believer in the thrifty lifestyle.  Want a quick refresh?  Head to your local thrift store with a budget in mind and have at it!
I always feel like a high roller when I'm in the thrift store!
Refreshing your space also refreshes your perspective on home.
Have at it and, most important, have fun!

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