Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4 - Good Enough

I'm a self-proclaimed neat freak.  I vacuum for the dust and dirt and then I vacuum again for the pretty carpet streaks.  When I'm in my groove, I will clean constantly... Clean and organize, sort and fold.
My problem creeps in when I stop.  Every now and then, I lose the groove.  I come home and I do just enough to get by... I cook and/or clean the dishes, wipe the counters and that's it.

I used to push myself everyday to do everything.  It wasn't until I burned out that Hubbs reminded me, in his words,
"Yo, you do the most because you want to do the most NOT because we need or ask you to do the most!"
I hate to say it. 
Shoot, I feel like I'm saying it more often... Hubbs was frikkin' right again.
I would clean, scrub, stress, lose sleep and work myself to the bone in the name of maintaining the perfect spotless house; I should've focused on having the perfect home.
Shoes might be piled up by the door.  Laundry may pile up on the floor or near the washer.  Dishes might be in the sink... Don't worry, I'll get to it.  Those things just don't need to be the most important items on my to-do list all the time.
I have second grade homework, baking with the kid, cuddling on the sofa with Hubbs...  All that other crap isn't going anywhere. I need to focus on the people who make my house:

I don't have to stress about keeping the perfect home...  Good enough is just that - good enough.

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