Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 19 - An Easy Banner Tutorial

I wanted to spend some QT with my little boo, Munchface.  We decided to make a Halloween banner...
I found a pack of cream cardstock at Michael's, we pulled out the black crayons and used some large stickers to create a Halloween banner for the foyer.
I didn't want to have a lot of cutting or gluing or... well, effort really.
So, here's a tutorial for a NO-sew, NO-glue banner :)
- cardstock
- mini clothespins
- string for hanging
- black crayon
- stickers for letters
- scissors
1. Cut the bottom portion of the banner in the shape you desire.  Rather than a semi-circle, I chose the pennant flag look.
2.  I gave half of the "flags" to Munch.  We each took a black crayon and colored our flags.  She duplicated some of my designs and came up with some of her own.  I really like the Frankenstein face one:


3.  Place your letters on each flag.
4. Cut the string to your desired length.
5. Use 2 mini clothespins to hold each flag onto the string.
6.  Hang the banner. O and enjoy your glue-less and easy banner!
I'm going to share our entire Halloween foyer in the next post. 

Pardon me while I catch-up!

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