Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 15 - Smells of Home

I have a thing for scents. 
They trigger memories (read more here), evoke emotions and make or break my mood when I return to my home (read more here).

Half the joy of my home comes in the warm feeling others have when they walk through our door. I want our home to be an experience...  I want it to feel as welcoming as grandma's... well, without the plastic covered furniture, lol.  WHAT?!  I feel like grandma's home always has a signature sent... Maybe mine will be fresh baked cookies or apple pie with a hint of stinky old man (we can't forget that grandpa will be there too, lol).
Everyday has a scent at my parents' home.  I remember the smells of weeknight dinners, Saturday morning bleachin' and laundry, and Sunday morning coffee. Sights, sounds and smells of home have become the little things I remember from my childhood.
Home starts at the front door.
Because smell is the first experience of home, I want our home to smell clean and fresh.
My favorite scent to use in our place is vanilla.  Yes, because I love the scent and, yes, because fresh baked cookies makes everyone feel warm and welcome.  Another reason, however, is that vanilla-scented fresheners always blend well.  I can mix brands, flavors, whatever... As long as it's a vanilla, cookie, sugar sweet something, it'll work just fine!

 I used to believe the more expensive a candle was, the better quality it was.  A few years back, however, I was proven wrong.

I was a candle snob - Bath & Body Works, Yankee, Grand Canyon, Scentsy, etc. - those were my candle brands of choice.  That is, until my mother-in-law called, when she was an hour away, to announce she was staying at our home for a few days (seriously, who does that?!).  I cleaned my kitchen, tasked the man with vacuuming upstairs and went to light one of my overpriced candles only to realize that I had none.  I had to run to the Walmart and pick up a few last-minute candles:
The day was saved and the candles smelled great!  Plus, for a 20 oz candle, I only paid $5!  Walmart also offered the candles in a variety of sizes ranging in prices from less-than a buck to $10 gift sets.  I was so impressed!
Check out your local store or online to see if they have a scent for you!
Since that day, my primary candle purchases have come from Walmart.
Another affordable place that I find great affordable candles is the clearance aisles in TJMaxx, Marshalls and Ross; they always have a great deal but I can't promise the candles always fill a room with their fragrance.  For my daily use, the Walmart candles are *like* boss!
Don't you love easy and affordable ways to make your home welcoming? Me too!
Do you have a preferred scent for your home?  If so, what is it?  Where do you pick up your smell goods?


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