Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11 - Home Balance.

I don't consider myself to be a home body.  Compared to Hubbs (with his gym, intramural basketball and 2 football teams, video games, brother-friends, social life, sneaker chasing and fishing), however, I'm a hermit - LOL.  I mean, I work, I blog, I coach, I lead the music ministry, I sing in the Praise Team, I plan events, I teach Sunday lessons, I - I wouldn't say I sit still... BUT my home life is my priority.
I've struggled with a balance between my and Hubbs' differing of opinions.  He didn't have a "home life" and rather spent his time at his grandmother's home.  The place he lived was nothing more than a closet; his real home was with his grandmother and cousins. He would come home, change into play clothes and rush to his grandmother.  When he moved with his mother and step-father, he was surrounded by step-siblings and living on a military installation.  He lived for the trips to his grandmothers and never felt the places away from her were home.
We met. We fell in love.  We were married.  We constantly teetered on the balance beam of home definition.  I was raised with a family who woke and cleaned together on Saturday, went to church together on Sunday, ate dinner together every night and established household responsibilities for each child very early on. I've brought all of those things into our adult family life.
I used to, however, blame Hubbs for not understanding the importance of sitting down together for dinner or for not picking up that mop to clean the floors. Sure, he didn't have it as a child but who the heck does he think will handle it.  What the heck does he think family is?
Over time, he's realized the importance of a strong family structure and has come a LOOOOooOOOoooNG way. 

There is still quite a ways to go.  For both of us.

I'm not perfect and I can't hold anyone to impossible standards.  Yes, I recognize that in my mind, things should be a certain picket-fence kinda way.
While Hubbs works to incorporate a picket-fence lifestyle into his definition of home, I must embrace the out-n-about life Hubbs is accustomed to.


This weekend, we're going to do a little bit of both.  We have projects to finish around the house and several family activities we've planned together.  Truthfully, it doesn't happen often enough but when it does, we always have a great time.
The Point

Home isn't about the structure where you live, it's about the people who inhabit the building.  Join me in making time for each other this (and every) weekend.
Hopefully, they won't get on my nerves too badly... LOL.

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  1. OMG Tabby! Family life is worlds away from single life. And being married with children is nothing compared to being married without any. Time becomes scare and of the essence and all efforts to spend it with others should be appreciated. Balance is oh so necessary but takes work to achieve. Your house and family are beautiful and you're doing an amazing job as a mother and wife! Congrats on your girls making it to Regionals...our daughter did cheerleading 3 years in a row so I know how that goes ;) God Bless!


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