Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 7: DIY Lazy Susan in 1-2-3!

Yesterday, I shared Devona's spice cabinet update.  In that post, I also mentioned the Lazy Susans were my favorite project in her cabinet.  Each Lazy Susan takes $3 and 3 steps to make.


- two cake pans of the same size
- marbles (or any small bag of smooth decorative rocks)


1.  Empty half of the marbles or stones into one of the cake pans.  Evenly distribute to avoid any tilting of the pans.

If you use the DT decorative stones like I did, be sure the flat side is facing downward.

2.  Place the other cake pan on top of the marbles/stones and enjoy your cheap and affordable Lazy Susan!

3.  Fill with your items.

Optional: Add labels to the front.  I used leftover labels for a decorative touch only.  

These Lazy Susans would be great for craft room storage or under the sink storage.  I can see one spray painted gold and placed on my craft table for added storage in my craft room or under the sink holding hair products or maybe in the family medicine cabinet to hold frequently used meds... There are so many uses!

Make one and tell me where you put it!


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  1. This is one of my favorite 31 days series! For real. You are a gem - fabulous like your title.


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