Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 16 - Sweet As Suga!

Three years ago, I went on a labeling kick.  I was *totally* obsessed with labeling as many things as possible.  I would buy something, buy a thing to put the something in, label the thing I bought to hold the something I purchased then figure out a way to display my container so the world could enjoy how organized my new thing that I labelled was.  Confused yet?

One area I went a little overboard was our pantry.  I shopped for baskets, jars and containers to take our pantry storage from drab to fab.  I was so excited when it was finished. I just LOVE me some functional pretty.  I do not, however, like it when the kid or Hubbs mess with my pretty.  Seriously?! Don't go messin' with my pretty!  It lasted 3 years!  Then this happened:

I opened my pantry and saw my beloved -R fell off my sugar jar.  What the- WHAT?! Who touched my jar? WHO DID IT?!

I got all worked up and started talking to myself about this serious situation. Then it hit me, my sugar jar says SUGA... LOL.

SUGA?  Like, "gimme some suga."

It was almost too perfect and I think I like it.  I don't need an -r.  We don't have sugar, The Keese family has suga.  THAT'S HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE.

With this in mind, I ask myself the following questions:

- Who will use my pantry besides me? 

- Who does this space need to function for? 

- What "company" is it expecting?  

My answers were geared towards our little family. The answers reminded me that our home is made for living in our real life.  We need table surfaces to seamlessly transition from seats to desks to conference tables to dolls' front yards to craft spaces to diving boards to foot rests to *insert whatever we might decide* 

Suga, did you catch that? I'm excited to redefine pretty to meet our life's needs.

Hope your day is sweet!


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  1. Suga! I love this. :) I'm on a labelling kick, too. But it's nowhere near as pretty as your labels. :)


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