Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 28 - Family Date Night

I don't know if I've told you about Hubbs' gym life.  My husband says that it is virtually impossible to get home before 8:00 p.m. WHY? He says that he MUST workout after work.  He keeps this schedule everyday (except Friday when it's Family date night and Saturday when it's our night and Sunday when it's football).  During wedding season, Friday nights I'm conducting rehearsals and Saturdays are wedding days...  Do you see where I'm going with all of this? When the season ends, I'm left wondering where is our time together...  I fuss about the gym (he does spend too much time there), I fuss about the football (he does watch it, play in a league and LET'S NOT EVEN MENTION the video games), I fuss about everything which pushes him away.  Needless to say, I'm so glad we took these last few weeks to figure out what works best for us...

I'm happy to report, FAMILY DATE NIGHT IS BACK!!

Friday, October 26, the Keese family went on a date! I planned for us to go to a Fright Light show at the area's planetarium BUT the road was blocked due to an accident which made us miss the show.  I was so upset - this was supposed to be our FAMILY NIGHT and it was ruined.  Luckily, Hubbs came up with a plan to take Munch shopping for her great week at school (she went up to blue *like* twice and has shown amazing reading and spelling progress).  Off to Toys 'R Us we went for Munch's great reward.  We walked around for an hour and can you guess what the kid chose as her prize?

A hello kitty notebook and pen.  

Yep, from a toy store.  WHAT?! Yes, the store had toys in it.  Yes, we offered all kinds of goodies... She wanted the notebook...The LITERALLY-squealed-when-she-saw-it kind of want.  

Hubbs didn't know what to do with his wallet himself so he bought two.  Then, took us for ice cream (I think he could tell I was bummed about the light show).  

The dark chocolate peppermight is back at Cold Stone!! I add marshmallow and brownie mix-ins for an amazing combination... This, along with the Starbucks red cups, mean only great things are to come!  Fall is upon us and Christmas is on her way :)

Can you see her happy face in the background? I was trying to document my chocolate yumminess and  captured that facial accidentally.  Speaking of happy facials:

Those two always order something with the cotton candy flavored ice cream.  The ice cream was so good that when Grandma Judy called, Munch refused to stop eating to talk.  Luckily, Hubbs had a free hand to hold the phone:

I love spending time with my loves and this series has provided me with some healthy reminders to MAKE time for family :)

What are you doing with your family this season?

Stay tuned for our annual pumpkin patch pics!


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  1. Family Date Night?! I LOVE it and will be promptly adding this to our fun rotation!


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