Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 7 - If You Love It.

We bought a house.

I wanted it to be warm and cozy.  Warm = red.  I painted red walls, I purchased red throw pillows, I bought a red rug... I wanted it WARM.  

I wanted it modern.  Dark = modern.  I bought brown-black wood tables, picture frames, plates... I wanted it MODERN.

I bought magazines and tried to duplicate what I saw.

Finally, I looked around and realized no matter what I did, my house didn't match my family.  Warmth doesn't come in the colors I choose but in the quality of people.  What's the use of uncomfortable modern pieces in a home where we spread UNO cards all over the floor?  

I had a house full of stuff and I hated it.

I had to figure out why.  Then it hit me.  I was scared.  Scared of being less perfect.  Scared people who came wouldn't think my house was nice.  Scared if it didn't look like a magazine, it wasn't pretty.  Eventually, however, I stopped caring... Stopped being scared.  I repeated in my head that HOME should not be a place of resentment especially because of STUFF.  

I will love my piece of the Earth.

I made a rule to only buy things I love and to clear out the things I don't.  I started this movement with a purchase.

HomeGoods. Me. A wine rack.  It caught my eye. I saw the price. I walked away.  

I walked away? Stupid.

It stayed on my mind but, when I went back, it was gone... I told everyone about it. I dreamed about it.  It was weird, cool, corky, perfect... BUT it was also gone :(

Until I saw it at another location and, without thinking, I bought it.  Islanders, meet my beloved wine rack:

Guess what? 2 years later, I still love it. It still makes me smile and it symbolizes the start of a MOVEMENT 'round these parts.

Are you in the same boat? Can you relate? If so, take a risk!  It's your home, your life, your family... Nobody's opinion matters but yours!


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  1. Totally can relate. I usually settle because something is cheaper or more practical. You are right. The wine rack is awesome!


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