Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 18 - Pre-Owned and Pretty

Howdy, islanders!! Can you tell I'm happy today?! Not just because it's Friday Eve but because it's Thrifty Thursday!

Seriously, I saved a butt load of money on today's outfit and I must share!  

I needed to find an appropriate outfit for mom's retro birthday party so I headed to Unique, a fabulous thrift store located in northern Virginia.  While shopping, I not only purchased two options for the party but this outfit as well:

Ann Taylor pink satin shirt (with the $60 retail tag) - $2.99
Chadwicks houndstooth pencil skirt - $4.99

Total: $8 

For a fabulous outfit for work? 


I'm also excited that I finally pulled out my Colin Stuart retro-inspired pumps to wear with my thrifty threads.  UGH, Hubbs can't stand them and I've never worn them... BUT I've always loved them so, I wore them.  Heck, I didn't just wear them, I OWNED them when I wore them!

Polished. Professional. Pre-owned. PRETTY!

Something about owning my style and feeling comfortable in my own skin makes me feel ready to take on the world!  A huge part to taking back my home life is taking care of me.  When Mama is happy, everyone is happy, right?!

My home and I are works in progress... It's a slow process but it's happening.

Do you shop the thrift stores?  Do you have any good finds to share?

Happy Thrifty Thursday!


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  1. $8 for a work outfit--that's crazy! You must have a really good eye for finding bargains in thrift stores. I usually stick to accessories like necklaces and scarves. Why in the world doesn't your husband like your pumps? They're super cute.


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