Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4: Light and Bright - The Dining Room.

Have I told you the battle of transitioning from reds and golds to cooler colors is slow but steady in our home?  I had to step back and reconsider the purpose of rooms before proceeding with design.  I realized that I want our home to feel light & airy with the priority to make its inhabitants feel welcome and comfortable. I started our color transformation in our staircase when I hired a painter to change the yellow-based neutral paint color to a Sherwin Williams color, Comfort Gray.

I recently painted our dining room the same color and I LOVE it:

The lighter color made a huge difference!  It feels cleaner, brighter and I love it!

Seriously, I really do.  The dining room connects to the kitchen and I kinda have this cool idea for the kitchen and I really can't wait to share it when I start and finish.

This transition is a huge undertaking.  It won't be cheap but it is happening.  I am taking risks and making messes with the ultimate goal of improving our life. 

Is there something you want in your home?  What baby steps are you taking toward making it a reality?

Tomorrow, we'll talk about the dining room feature wall and one of our traveling traditions. Here's a clue:


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  1. Hi I love love the mask idea as a feature wall I would love for you to see mine! Its our old place but looks great!


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