Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 6 - Celebrating

I missed the 6th 31-days post in my series but I'm giving myself a pass because October 6th is my brother's birthday.  We're 21 months apart and he was introduced to me as my baby. I have treated him as my baby all of his life!  I just love the not-so-little fella. An officer, a husband, a brother, a friend...  My brother is pretty awesome.  

If he'd let me, I'd give him a pretty cake like I gave my friend Tammy on her birthday.  Didn't it turn out nice?

I used some of my party supplies to quickly decorate the space... The set-up was also really cute:

I used one of Munchface's tutus under the cake to cover the cake stand because it didn't match my color scheme.

I think celebrating birthdays and making memories really makes us all happy 'round these parts.  

Don't' worry, I'll be back to my regularly scheduled program tomorrow when we talk about my latest fall craft.  Tune in to learn how I created this framed banner:

Get excited!


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