Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 21 - B&A Thrifty Lamps

While thrift shopping, I saw a pair of lamps.  I just KNEW they'd be perfect for our sofa table.  They were tall, had great design and only cost $3.99/each.  Of course, they required a little love but with that price tag, could I refuse?


Here's the before and after:

Spray paint, I love you.  Matter of fact, I have a glue gun that I think you'd be PERFECT for!

Something about flat white spray paint on a thrifty light fixture just makes me swoon.  Remember the chandelier I made for Munch's room? No? It's gorgeous:

It's one of those dated gold ones that people rip from their ceiling and trash or donate for people like me to make pretty :)  Last year, I wrote a post where I  spilled allll the beans about the chandelier and my addiction. I haven't, however, shared the step-by-steps so I'll have to blog about it again (in case you missed it)!

Happy sprayin', friends!



  1. So, I just inherited some brass lamps that I want to spray paint. However, it seems like whenever I spray paint, it drips and leaves lines. Any advice?

  2. If your spray paint is dripping or leaving lines, it means you maybe getting too close or trying to do too many coats at once. The key to perfect looking spraying is layering! Lightly spray 1 coat, wait a few hours, lightly spray 2nd coat, wait, continue until your piece is finished! Works every time!


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