Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: Drawer Organization

To start my home cleaning, I tackled small projects that offered an instant reward!  Don't judge me, I like to cross things off my to-do list and doing so motivates me to get things done even more...

First up, the kitchen drawers.

O and yes, it's bad. I'm warning you... 

Seriously, don't judge me .
*squints eyes and points that don't-ask-me-for-anything-in-this-store finger like only moms can*

I don't even know how it got like this.  I was working weddings so Hubbs was on dish duty and, on one of my fussy days, I saw this and became instantly annoyed:

What in the-- what is that crap?! 

You'd think with all these wine stoppers we actually DRINK A LOT (...more than we do)!  Take out cutlery? WHY? O and what good is the drawer liner doing bunched up in the bottom right corner?  I'm just curious.

NOT ANY LONGER!!!!  Munch and I set out to Target to purchase one of their drawer organizers.  Excited and ready to help, Munch and I went to work organizing... 5 minutes later, I'm happy to report that everything now has a place.

Did it last?  Is it worth it? Well, the following picture is 2 weeks after the change and it still looks ahhh-mazing!

Nobody in this house probably cares or even notices but Mama is happy to see organization, yes she is...

Crazy people talk in third person... SHE knows, lol.


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  1. A clean drawer can make your entire day! Ask me how I know...LOL


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