Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 25 - Seeking Happy

Yesterday, I lost a dear friend who was an amazing photographer.  Her sudden and very tragic death hurt my heart.  

Life, short and full of uncertainty, once again punched me in the throat and cut off my air supply.  Life moved my heart to my stomach.  It had the nerve to, in a matter of seconds, send my entire body into a state of still.

Time, relentless and stubborn, inconsiderate in its consistent tick and tock, has the nerve to move forward.  Frozen, I watched the clock.  I thank God for the numbing peace during this time of silence.

Tears, salty and purifying, once again blurred my vision to see life for the ugly truth it can sometimes be.  Faced with reality, drenched in sadness, I came to terms with another loss.

Another loss?!

Another. One. Lost.

When the tears could fall no longer and the pain of my migraine pounded stronger, I remember her art and how she used her camera to find happy.  I scroll through my phone and I almost hear her ask me:

"Tabitha, how could you not...


In your honor, in your memory, because of your work, I will ALWAYS seek out the happy.  

My sweet Marlene, we will see each other again and I'll hug you like old friends do when it's been too long...


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