Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 24 - Give Back

During her first week, Munch brought home a form requesting book donations for the school library.  She excitedly pulled out the paperwork and I excitedly wrote the check.  Over dinner, we spoke about the importance of giving back.  I explained that libraries give everyone the opportunity to read FOR FREE.  I knew she got it when she exclaimed that she wants to give a computer to computer lab and a basketball hoop to gym. 

I might not be able to help the other departments to THAT extent but I will help how I can.

She twisted her lip and said, "You can buy a computer and a hoop, too.  Just tell my daddy..."

The reason for this post?  Well, I was reminded of this conversation when I opened the thank you note from the librarian:

I know you might be wondering, "how does this relate to the series?"

Well, philanthropy starts at home.  I'm changing my attitude about home requirements to eliminate compounding resentment and my bad attitude (sometimes... well, more often).  I'm learning to accept my chores as a part of my home, to accept my home as part of my healthy life and to constantly edit our space to meet our needs.  If it doesn't enhance our life, it is not necessary.

Our 31 days journey is almost over and I think I feel progress... IDK.  We'll see if I stay on top of this whole laundry thing.

Wish me luck!


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