Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 13 - The Big Reveal!!

The excitement was building on my way home. My friends and family knew the furniture had arrived and many also knew I wasn't ready.  Deb called.  She wanted to see the room with me so I rushed home, ran upstairs with my back turned to her room...  Eyes closed, room clear, controlled breathing:

Islanders, meet our big girl furniture:

No, I haven't painted and I also haven't decorated.  I actually just threw some Target twin bedding for the reveal.  It's incomplete but it's perfect for our tiny room.  Enough chatting, here's the pics of the reveal:

 "This is SO beautiful!" - Munchface

The bed is so high and she had to climb to get in bed BUT she slept like a rock!

Operation big girl room in full effect.  It's been a pleasure sharing this big moment with you:)

I leave you with a picture of Chazzy awaiting her big reveal.  I love this pic:

She loved the room and I love sharing all of these major things with all of you!



  1. she is such a girly girl (and I will keep saying it) ha! love it!

  2. 1) Love the room! Too cute!!!!

    2) I think its hilarious (and adorable) that Deb and Chazzy got the big reveal via iphone! LOL! Gotta love technology!


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