Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 30 - As I Go

I hear so many people say it, 

clean as you go.  

It never really hit me until I realized how much I hate doing the following:

Cleaning bath tubs (ugh!)


Doing laundry (gag!)

I hate cleaning tubs.  I don't enjoy cleaning toilets BUT at least I can have them sparkling in less than 5 minutes.  Something about slaving over this ring around this tub from activities like the pumpkin patch fun makes no sense to me.  

*Queue the angels singing... and the birds*

I found a clever idea that helps keep my tubs clean AS I GO!  Check it out:

The Dish Wand Tub Cleaner

1. Fill your wand with equal parts vinegar and dish soap.

2.  Place upright in shower (to avoid leaks) and use while you are in the shower everyday.

That's it!  It's really easy, right?  I just wipe everything down the last 2 minutes of my shower and the pain of scrubbing is gone...  

The shower is clean, I'm not burning my nose with cleaning products and I have more time to spend doing other things like... Laundry.  O hush, I'm serious!

Speaking of laundry, I'm on top of it and I reached this point by doing a little(1-2 loads) everyday.  It feels pretty awesome and, get this, I MAY be changing my opinion of laundry altogether... I said maybe, don't get excited.  

Islanders, I am bursting with excitement about the small changes we made over this past month.  My house, my marriage, my family have all changed for the better... I'll DEF keep this momentum going.  OOPS, I've said too much.  NEXT is the wrap-up post that sings this series' praises.  




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  1. I LOVE doing laundry but hate hate hate putting it away. Hate!


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