Saturday, October 31, 2015

DAY 31: Candy Corn Statement Necklace

It's the last day of our Dollar Tree (DT) series and I'm concluding with some sweet ideas.

While stalking the aisles of DT.  YES, stalking.  Oh, give me a break.  I had to write about this place everyday for a flippin' month.  I was there all the time... and I WAS STALKING the aisles for savings.  Upon every entry into the store, I noticed a tower of candy corn.  It was so tempting but UGH!  I have a love hate with candy corn. I can only stomach a few before its sugar overload but, have you seen this candy's cuteness?

This tri-colored treat is definitely a sign of the season and I quickly made plans to document my nephew's first fall in true candy corn style!  His mama agreed and, because I just-so-happened to be around on his first monthday, I brought my vision to fruition.

Yes, I purchased three (3) bags of candy corn and sprinkled them around a tray before placing my MaseFace on top.  He squirmed but caught a glimpse of my big hair and was mezmorized.

My cell phone screen saver

I planned to purchase a DT hat and a paint set to make him a handpainted candy corn hat but, when I saw a candy corn hat at the thrift store for less than $1, I snatched it up.

Tell me my nephew isn't equal parts handsome and cute.  Oh, you see his face.  The boy was in a state of tranquility as his auntie hopped around above him.  Maybe one day soon I will share the pics from our day... for now, let's just enjoy the candy corn backdrop, shall we?!

I used the candy corn for a few of his shots then I bagged it up and took it home.  Hubbs and the kid would sneak a few pieces every now and then but I still had a lot left.  I decided to use them to make a few projects:

Candy Corn Statement Necklace

What You Need:

- Piece of felt of poster board
- One (1) bag of candy corn
- Hot glue gun 
- String for necklace 

What You Do:

1.  Cut your shape.  I chose a half oval.

 2,.  Glue your first row of candy corn around the edge of the shape.  Be sure the yellow portion of the candy corn hangs off the edge.

3.  Continue to layer your candy corn rows.  Be sure to glue the point of the corn on to the felt and apply a dab of glue for the middle section to adhere to the layer of corn underneath.

4.  When you've covered the piece in candy corn, feel free to embellish with an accessory.  I chose a black piece from a broken headband but gray or purple would work well also!

Glue a small piece of felt to the back of the embellishment.  Place a dab of glue on the felt lay your necklace on top of the glue then place another piece of felt to the back like so:

5.  Use this same technique to adhere the necklace "chain" to the felt (or poster board) piece.  It should look like this from the back.

I used a leather piece to hang it around my neck and I left some length to adjust depending on the top I wore.  It looked awesome but it smelled AMAZING!

I was so excited to wear it with a simple top and jeans while we took the kid out for candy but...
I use a basket as a catch-all in my efforts to keep a clean home.  It is in a designated area and things that need to be put away upstairs are placed inside so, when I'm ready to head upstairs for the night, I grab it.  With the basket comes all of the random clutter we leave downstairs... including my necklace.  I forgot something and ran down to get it.  I returned to see Nuke nose-diving into the basket.  When he moved, I saw he was licking my fabulous necklace!


He just smacked his lips in sugar content.  I knew it was beautiful but I didn't realize it would be such a treat for the dog.  He must've smacked his lips for 20 minutes.  I have the supplies... I guess I could make another, right?

Other ideas for this concept include:

- Making a fabulous headband by gluing candy corn in a small circle to rest on one side of the headband.
- Having mommy-n-me sets with headbands and necklaces
- Consider wearing this as a fall piece and not JUST on Halloween to extend its life.
- Making a birthday or shower pin for the guest of honor with the initial or number covered in candy corn.
- Fill a vase with candy corn for fall decor AND a sweet treat.  All of these vases can be found at DT:

Candy corn is a great craft supply and treat.  Consider using it for all of your fall holidays and decor needs!  Pick yours up from DT and let me know what you do!


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