Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 30: Stick Figure Costume

This costume was Munch's favorite of all!  It makes an amazing statement and costs $2 for supplies from Dollar Tree (DT)!!!

Yes, that's Munchface wearing glow sticks.  Cool, right?!

What You Need:

- 2 packs of the long glow sticks
- Clear packing tape
- All black clothing

What You Do:

Do not begin making your costume more than one hour before wearing as the glow will fade!

1. Open, break and shake all glow sticks to activate the glowing effect.

2. Start with the stick figure torso (center) and tape one stick down the belly.  You may need to wrap the body with clear packing tape to be sure it stays securely for the entire night.

3. Tape one 'arm' glow stick to the top of the 'torso' stick. Connecting the two is critical to maintain a legit stick figure appearance.  

4.  Wrapping the tape around your arm, adhere the 'arm' glow stick to the body.

5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other stick figure arm.

6. Use the same technique to make the stick figure legs. 

7.  Take one (1) glow stick and, using the connector pieces in the package, make a circle (think necklace). 

8.  Loop a pony tail holder over the necklace to create a means to connect the necklace to your head.

9.  EITHER pull hair up in high bun and slide loop over bun OR attach loop to a headband to keep the stick figure 'face' in place... Pause: that *totally* rhymed!

AAAAAAND, you're done!  Do the stanky leg (as photographed above).

Do the Nae-Nae (as photographed above) or just do nothing:

No matter what you do, you're going to be cool.

Oh! You don't know the cool dance moves like Munch?  Well, no one ever said you'd be THAT cool- haha.

Other ideas for wear:

- Wear a dress by making a triangle using three glow sticks
- Make it a family costume by making gender-specific glow items for each person (a bow for a little girl, a tie for dad, a purse for mom, etc.)
- Purchase bracelets to make faces (each bracelet = eyes; an open bracelet = smile/frown)
- Add a glow stick to the back of children for safety purposes!!

This series was a LOT of fun for us to create.  We used what we had to create some pretty awesome costumes.  Whether you spend a little or spend a lot, I hope your Halloween is as awesome as you are!

Tomorrow, I'm sharing a tutorial for a cool statement necklace!  It will be available early morning so, if you're interested in learning how to make this necklace in time for trick-or-treating, come back EARLY!

Until then, stay FA-BOO-LOUS!


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