Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 29: DIY Tooth Fairy Costume

Do you have a pretty dress or tutu?  Then THIS is the Dollar Tree (DT) costume for you!

We wanted our Tooth Fairy outfit to be white so Munch squeezed into her Kindergarten graduation dress and some pink tights.  We pulled her hair up into a high bun with the front twisted.  I even recycled my Homecoming Queen tiara by placing it on her head.  Here's how we pulled the costume together using one poster board (costs $.50) and supplies we had on hand.

For the wings:

1. Fold your poster board in half.  With the fold as your center, draw one wing.

2.  Cutting through both sides of the poster board cut out your wing.  Take care not to cut along the fold.

3.  Open the fold to reveal your perfectly symmetric pair of wings!

4.  Hot glue one side of the ribbon to your fold.

5.  If you're wearing a dress, loop the wing through the back.  If you're wearing a coat or shirt that does not allow for looping, create two straps (like a backpack).

For the hair pin:

1.  Draw a small tooth shape on your poster board.

2.  Cut out your shape and hold it up to your hair.  Resize as necessary.

3.  With your bobby pin open, dab hot glue on the closed side.  Place your tooth on top and hold for 5 seconds.

For the wand:

NOTE: Use a dowel, paper straw or fairy wand (all sold at DT) as the base of your wand.

1.  Trace and cut a large tooth shape out of your poster board.

2.  Glue the shape to the wand stick.

3.  Use construction paper or a paper doily (sold at DT) as a backing.

Put on your pretty dress or tutu, your sparkle makeup and hit the town in your fabulous, chic and cheap costume!
Yes, in the video she winked and had her own theme music.  No, I didn't prompt her to do so.  I am pretty sure once you get all sparkled-up for less than $1 and use things you already have you'll be singing too!

Here are some other ideas for this costume:

- Every member of the family took a holiday character to dress-up as - Easter Bunny, Santa, Jack Frost, etc.

- Carry around a small bag of glitter to sprinkle above your head as you arrive to each house (a little goes a long way)!

- Carry around $5 in quarters and give quarters to adults after accepting candy.

- Do you (or someone you know) work in the dental field?  Consider wearing this costume and passing out freebies along with your candy OR sticking your business card to candy for advertisement!

- No one said the Tooth Fairy is a girl!  It's always hilarious when guys dress-up as fairies too!

Have fun with it!

Here's hoping your day is as fabulous as the tooth fairy's pockets are deep!  Seriously, have you seen what kids get for those itty bitty teeth nowadays?!  She's loaded!!


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