Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 24: Care Package Supplies

Dollar Tree (DT) may not be the go-to place for big gifts but it is definitely the place for small thoughtful gifts.

People love small thoughtful gifts and you can find loads of ideas strolling the aisles of DT.  Perfect candidates for small gifts are college students, co-workers, children, those with a new job, distant family... Anyone who needs a smile.  It's a great feeling to receive something because someone thought of you.

I've compiled a list of three gift ideas that cost only a few dollars and I promise you can think of someone who will LOVE to receive them!

College Prep Pack

Every college student loves to know their family is thinking of them.  It's a great feeling to open a package made just for you.  You're sure to get a sweet message from your college student if you send any (or all) of the following:

- Candy
- Snacks
- Funky pens
- Holiday-specific cards 
- Selfie Stick (yes, DT has them!) for pics and video chats back home!

New Gig Goodies

My mom recently started a new job.  DT sells cute grandmother plates and many others things that we're going to give her to start her desk snack cabinet and adorn her workspace!

- Healthy Snacks (granola, snack bars, candy, mints)
- Notepads and pens 
- Hand sanitizer
- Pencil holders
- Headphones 
- Frames for the work space

New Parents Basket 

You probably recognize the photo above.  It's the gift basket I took to the hospital for Mike and Ryan when they welcomed my nephew, Mason.

All of my supplies came from DT!
- Candy
- Dried fruit (like cranberries)
- Peanut Butter and nuts
- Granola
- Gum

Use a basket bag and a big bow to top it off and you're guaranteed to be the visitor of the month!

You don't have to put together a basket.  Something as simple as 1 item and a note to show you care are more than enough to brighten someone's day.  Take $1 and make someone feel special!  You'll be surprised to learn the REAL gift is in giving!


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