Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 17: Poster Board Mermaid Costume

I shared a picture of Munchface in her awesome mermaid costume yesterday.

I know she doesn't look like the typical mermaid BUT check out the character on the book:

I'd say, with the orange paper and polka dots we did pretty well for ourselves :)  Of course, we did a little something extra with our hair but, well, you know...

I realized the day before the meeting that I had to make a costume and I didn't have the time nor the budget to go crazy.  I ran to the Dollar Tree for some supplies and used what I had to make it work.  I am pretty excited with the results and I've come up with a tutorial using DT supplies.


For the tail/top you need:
- 1 white poster board (sold at DT for less than $1)
- 1 green poster board (sold at DT for less than $1)
- 2-4 sheets of green sparkled scrapbook paper (you want it to blend with the green poster board)
- 2-inch circle paper punch
- Ribbon of choice (got mine from Michael's for less than $1 (total)
- Glue
- Pencil

Here's what you do:

1.  Use your paper punch to punch holes in your green poster board and sparkled scrapbook paper.
2.  Have your little one lay on top of the white poster board with the top of the poster board aligned with her waist.  Use your pencil to mark the width and length of your little one.
3.  With your poster board marked, draw a mermaid tail.
4.  Cut out the mermaid tail.
5.  Layer your paper punches from the bottom up.  Be sure to mix your sparkled circle paper punches in the layout AND be sure there is no white board visible.

6. Glue your punches to the tail template.

7. Cut slits in the top of the mermaid tail.  Thread ribbon through the slits.  This ribbon will tie around the waist so be sure you  have enough for a pretty bow.
For the hair you need:
- Shells
- Bobby pins
- Ribbons

Here's what you do:

Mermaid hair is all about texture and length. 

We decided to create texture by flat twisting Munch front and sides.  

DT has shells!  Most of the shells have a small hole near the top and the holes make sliding a bobby pin through super easy!  Simply add ribbons and shells throughout the style to complete the look.

I made a headband from scrap supplies around the house and you can too!  Just layer a few of your circle punches with a starfish or shell onto an extra headband and BOOM! Enjoy your FABULOUS and FRUGAL costume.

Munch doubted that I could pull together a paper costume.  She didn't think it would come together but guess what.

It did.  Mama made her eat those words.

That was her facial response when I said, "AND YOU SAID A PAPER COSTUME WOULDN'T WORK!"

It was great because Munch had her shorts on but, when she sat down, all people could see was her tail!

The costume was such a success that I got a few requests to make a version for other little people.  I can't wait to share my designs with you all!  

Stay tuned!


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