Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 19: Toddler Car Activity Kits

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I shared how we were so excited to have DatMyHoney accompany us to LJ's first birthday party. 

She has grown so much and continues to amaze us with her smarts.  Seeing MyHoney's sweet face reminds me of the days when Munch was a toddler.  It makes me think of ways to help the moms of toddlers around me.  MyHoney has great manners and seldom gives her parents a hard time but, with my series, I asked Sheena if I could make something for MyHoney to use in the car.  Sheena welcomed the gift and I got to brainstorming.  I decided to use Dollar Tree (DT) supplies to recreate a toddler survival tip from Munchface's childhood.

Something about the car was a challenge for us when Munch was a toddler.  Very seldom would she let me have a peaceful ride.  It was usually one of two situations - the realization that she was about to be lulled to sleep made her want to snack or talk or sing loudly to stay awake OR she was begging for food and wanted to snack quietly while listening to her latest KidzBop CD.  It wasn't until I rode with another adult that I realized I was numb to my kid's car habits.  She was LOUD.  I mean, sing out loud, talk out loud, playing out loud... and I was only programmed to pass apple slices or Cheerios when her 'loud' translated into a loud cry.  My friend looked at me like I was crazy because I couldn't hear the 'loud' any more.  When she mentioned it, I was offended and annoyed but I decided to come up with something to help my kid enjoy the car as a peaceful place.  Thus, the Toddler Car Kit was born.

I took a bag and filled it with snacks and activities for Munch.  I kept it up front with me and, before we took off in the car, I'd ask her which activity she wanted to play with between our home and our destination.  It was settled.  I decided to make a Toddler Car Kit for MyHoney using supplies at DT!  I solicited the help of an expert, Munchface, and we were off!

DT has clear document sleeves and they have colorful zippers along the top.  When I saw them, I knew they'd be perfect to store pieces.  I decided to purchase five to start the car kit off for MyHoney.  Munch helped choose five activities.  We needed these sleeves to have activities that would last and didn't require constant updating.  We traded the mini paper activity sets for small toys and wipe-able surfaces.  Here's what we chose:

- A magnetic doll with magnetic clothing and accessories

- A small dry erase board and marker

- A pack of foam stars with musical foam stickers

- Silly face stickers (to place on photo printouts of family members)

- Large shoe with laces to practice tying the shoes

I removed everything from its packaging and placed one activity per sleeve.  I placed all sleeves into a canvas tote (also purchased from DT).  We embellished the tote with ribbon and a gold letter -o. 

When I handed the kit to MyHoney, she pulled out the dry erase board and went to drawing peacefully in her car seat.

 She LOVES her kit and, should she love something else more, Mommy can change the contents out as necessary.  She can place one snack per day in the car and the ride home will be peaceful.

Are you heading on a trip?  Will your little one be on a bus, train or plane?  If so, considering packing activities and snacks for the ride that will keep your child engaged without disturbing others.  The Dollar Tree is the perfect place to grab a variety of items without breaking the bank!


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