Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 16: Affordable Party Decor

We're continuing our 31 Days of Change series.   New to the island? You can learn more here.
If you've been around the Island for awhile, you know that we started a book club for Munch and other girls her age to foster a love of reading.  If you know the moms in this club, you know the meetings are always fun and fabulous with special consideration for the budget.  For the meeting I hosted, most of my food came from DT and I used things I had on hand and DT party supplies.

The above photo shows our set-up when Munch hosted the book club a few months ago.  It was a lot of fun and, a few weeks ago, the girls had another meeting hosted at Arianna's house.  They finished reading "Whatever After: Sink or Swim" and they were all excited to hang out and chat about it.  

We have a rule that if Munch doesn't finish the book, she can't attend the meeting to discuss it.  Oh, I'm sure you guessed it!  She always finishes the book... even when, like the most recent meeting, she starts two days before the book club meeting.  Munch always finds a way!

The meeting's hostess assigned each girl a character from the book to attend the meeting dressed-up as.  Munch was tasked with the mermaid (on the cover image up there) and I used a few bucks and DT supplies to create a fabulous mermaid costume:

I'll share the tutorial tomorrow because it makes for a great affordable Halloween costume and can be recreated using DT supplies!  Anyhoo, when we arrived to the meeting, I noticed Arianna's mom used DT decor to recreate settings and events in the book for a fraction of the cost.  It reminded me of all the possibilities using the affordable DT party supplies.


Check out the party section for paper/plastic plates, cups, cutlery and decor for parties,  Also, check out their themed party section! You might be shocked to see some of your favorite Disney characters are sold at DT!  There are five things I love to use for events and DT's selection never disappoints!

1. Foam Core Board

In case you can't tell, I love foam core board and I love that DT sells it for next to nothing!  I shared the monogram tutorial and its endless possibilities yesterday.  Don't limit your size to extra large, smaller versions make great centerpieces too!

How pretty would that number look glued to a wooden dowel and used as a table number at a wedding or a photo prop for a special date or age?  These are always a hit and I prefer to get the flowers and board from DT!

2. Tissue Poms

Yep, the popular party supply is now sold at DT!  I've seen limited colors - red, yellow, blue, green and white - but they are sold 2/pack for $1.  Party City sells the same ones with 3/pack for $6!  They may be smaller but I can get a dozen poms from DT for the price of 3 from Party City!  I'd rather have a LOT of little ones clustered together than a few larger ones in most cases.  Don't see the color you want? Check out their tissue paper selection and consider making your own!

3. Favor Supplies

If you have ever been to large party stores and looked at those cheap toys sold in multi-packs for ridiculous amounts of money, you will DEFINITELY appreciate the favor section at DT.  Oh, and DT isn't just great for favors but for cute favor bags/boxes.

Remember those cute gummy worm favors I gave each girl when we hosted the book club?  Well, EVERYTHING came from DT.  Those boxes are one of the many favor box options and they're sold 12/pack!  For $1?!  With a wedding guest count of 120, you could spend only $10 for containers and have enough for every guest!  Islanders, try to beat that deal!  They have the paper favor bags in a variety of colors, clear favor bags and even seasonal bags!  We also use them for our classroom holiday treats and, because the clear cellophane bags come 25/pack, we never have to break the bank!

4.  Candy

We just talked about favor bags but, if you're looking to set-up an affordable sweets table or fill favor bags on the cheap, consider DT.  The candy selection is awesome and, with a variety of candies on the table,  your guests will never know you saved some money by shopping at DT!

5.  Plastic Tablecloths

I've expressed how much I hate plastic tablecloths (as table cover) in the past but I've also admitted to loving the versatility of the material.  Seriously, they're great for a lot of decor options!

- Backdrops

- Ceiling draping

- Chair Back decor (you can get 4 chair backs per tablecloth).

- Tableskirting

- Tassel garland

- Photo-Op backdrop

You may recall the draping effect I created for the Cotton Club party.

I hope you are inspired to check your local DT for party supplies BEFORE you head to your big chain stores.

Do you like the Dollar Tree party supplies?  What products do you like to purchase?


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